palatine tonsil

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Noun1.palatine tonsil - either of two masses of lymphatic tissue one on each side of the oral pharynxpalatine tonsil - either of two masses of lymphatic tissue one on each side of the oral pharynx
lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissue - tissue making up the lymphatic system
nasopharynx - cavity forming the upper part of the pharynx
krční mandle
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On physical examination, the patient had a smooth-surface, polypoid, pedunculated tumoral lesion originating from the middle pole of the left palatine tonsil and protruding into the oropharyngeal isthmus.
This case is a solitary tumour developing from the palatine tonsil in a 17-year-old male patient; it is the second case in the literature.
4) Considering the rarity of the lesion, especially in children, we report a case of hamartoma of the palatine tonsil in a six-month-old infant.
The specialised structure of crypt epithelium in the human palatine tonsil and its functional significance.
We describe a rare case of SFT arising from the left palatine tonsil in a 66-year-old Japanese woman.
4) The palatine tonsil is a far less common site for the development of lymphangioma and has rarely been reported in the literature.
Palatine tonsil is the organ of the first line of host defence against pathogenic agents, but also a place with recurrent chronic inflammatory processes and controversies in treatment.
The rarity of our case is the presence of amelanotic melanoma in palatine tonsil.
Among patients, the most common cancer site was the tongue (21 patients), followed by the floor of the mouth (12) and palatine tonsil (12), "other" and "unspecified" parts of the mouth (18), the palate (4), the gums (2), the oropharynx (2), and the inner lip (1).
Trends in palatine tonsil cancer incidence and mortality rates in the United States.
12-13) Specifically, palatine tonsil (tonsillar crypt) and lingual tonsil squamous cell carcinomas are notorious for producing cystic metastases that are often solitary.
12) in a retrospective study of 250 patients with palatine tonsil hypertrophy established reactive lymphoid hyperplasia in 82% of patients.