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Adj.1.palatoglossal - relating to the palate and tongue
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They are bounded anteriorly by palatoglossal arches and posteriorly by palatopharyngeal arches.
It is believed that the suprahyoid electrical activity captured in the task of tongue lift against the palate differed between the posterior and anterior regions not only due to the difference in lingual muscle concentration, but also due to the presence of other muscles recruitment, such as the extrinsic ones of the tongue.The tongue pressure against the palate in the anterior region recruits more the genioglossus muscle than the tongue pressure against the palate in the posterior region, position in which the styloglossus and palatoglossal muscles are activated.
In somatic gagging, any stimulation of "trigger zones": palatoglossal and palatopharyngeal folds, base of the tongue, palate, uvula and posterior pharyngeal wall induce the gag reflex.
Distance between palatoglossal and palatopharyngeal arches height of palatoglossal and palatopharyngeal arches uvula width uvula length and distance between tonsils were measured.
The lesion appeared as a white mass with overlying erythematous mucosa and a small ulcerated area superiorly in the left palatoglossal fold (Figure 1a & 1b).
Therefore, a superiorly based palatoglossal flap was fashioned with a # 15 blade and rotated to cover the defect.
During this procedure, it was noted that the endotracheal tube passed through the right palatoglossal fold before entering the trachea (Figure 1).