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The study of the geographic distribution of fossil organisms.

pa′le·o·bi′o·ge′o·graph′ic (-jē′ə-grăf′ĭk), pa′le·o·bi′o·ge′o·graph′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.


(ˌpeɪ li oʊˌbaɪ oʊ dʒiˈɒg rə fi; esp. Brit. ˌpæl i-)

the study of the distribution of ancient plants and animals.
pa`le•o•bi`o•ge`o•graph′ic (-əˈgræf ɪk) pa`le•o•bi`o•ge`o•graph′i•cal, adj.
pa`le•o•bi`o•ge•og′ra•pher, n.
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The purpose of this study is to provide a description, taxonomy and systematic paleontology of the fossil turtle material from the TTS, as well as to discuss its paleobiogeographical and paleoenvironmental implications.
Distribution patterns of Upper Devonian phacopid trilobites: paleobiogeographical and paleoenvironmental significance.
(2014): Early Jurassic (latest Toarcian) brachiopods from the northeastern margin of the Western Tethys (Central Iran) and their paleobiogeographical significance.
Geochronological data from the detrital zircon and paleobiogeographical results from the Triassic sediments suggest that the East Asian continent was the hinterland for the Permo-Triassic sediments in the Maizuru Terrane, namely, the South China Craton [20], the North China Craton [21], and the Khanka Massif or the Northern Zone of the Maizuru Terrane [22].