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adj. Informal
Extremely or stubbornly conservative in political matters.

pa′le·o·con·ser′va·tive n.
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Any opposition to the secret Obama-Kerry-UN-EU-CFR deal, say these paleoconservative and libertarian critics, is a capitulation to Bibi Netanyahu, the Israel lobby, and the neoconservatives who have coopted and taken over the GOP
Burke probably would have applauded those sentiments--and I also suspect that many of today's paleoconservative fans of Wendell Berry and opponents of globalization and multiculturalism would too (if they didn't know who wrote them).
The only living Republicans for which Taylor has kind words are the paleoconservative Pat Buchanan, the libertarian Ron Paul, and the Tea Party conservative Jim DeMint.
Bacevich makes a good case that the Republican Party should abandon ideological positions and support essentially paleoconservative ideas, from wherever they derive, whether William Appleman Williams or Flannery O'Connor.
Backed by nativist activists and paleoconservative policy think tanks, restrictionists have crafted state and local "illegal immigrant relief acts" that criminalize the presence of unauthorized immigrants in a jurisdiction and call on local law enforcement authorities to engage in direct or indirect enforcement of immigration laws (Rodriguez, 2008).
Please understand, if I had to recruit, I might do the very same thing that the countercultural schools do, hoping that here or there I would snag a paleoconservative committed to ecology.
So is McDougall a paleoconservative in despair like Poe, despondent like Melville, or cynical like Twain?
If the paleoconservative Mobley hadn't siphoned off 13 percent of the vote, Frohnmayer would have been elected governor in 1990, and from there he would have had a good chance of achieving his boyhood ambition of becoming a member of the U.
US have conducted Jominiean tactics that forgot about Clausewitz and focussed on what the leading strategic paleoconservative thinker William Lind has called 2nd and 3rd Generation Warfare (GW) (Lind et al.
Social conservative and paleoconservative philosophical outlooks, despite their reputation of obdurate reaction among leftists, contain within them aspects that allow for coalition building with various other outlooks--some of them perhaps unexpected, such as ecology, or social democracy.
Consider the case of paleoconservative journalist Samuel Francis, booted from the nation's capital and the Washington Times daily newspaper in 1995 and sent to the woodshed of the oppositional press for rhetoric deemed too blatantly white supremacist.
foreign policy after 9/11, the magazine was founded in 2002 by leading paleoconservative Pat Buchanan, former New York Post editorial page editor Scott McConnell, and the notorious Taki Theodoracopulos, a high-society columnist for London's Spectator and heir to a large Greek shipping fortune.