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Adj.1.paleocortical - of or relating to the olfactory cortex of the cerebrum
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"Spire" can take prefixes such as a, in, ex, micro (intellectual appreciation, no paleocortical involvement {g}, mini (causing subtle facial expressions), mis (not so great after all), mono (along one dimension only; no synergy {p}, re (do it again, usually to less effect, often provoking us to question whether we misspired in first place), tran (do it together: which often synergize {p} the experience, but sometimes unspires), and un (wet-blankets).
Muchos estudios repiten que la evolucion del cerebro tuvo lugar en tres grandes capas u oleadas, siendo la capa que evoluciono con los mamiferos o paleocortical (subcortical ahora) la que recibio de P.