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The branch of ecology that deals with the interaction between ancient organisms and their environment.

pa′le·o·e′co·log′ic (-ē′kə-lŏj′ĭk, -ĕk′ə-), pa′le·o·e′co·log′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
pa′le·o·e·col′o·gist n.
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(Palaeontology) a variant spelling of palaeoecology
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paleoecology, palaeoecology

the branch of ecology that studies the relationship of ancient plants and animals to their environments. — paleoecologic, palaeoecologic, paleoecological, palaeoecological, adj.
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The study of the relationship between prehistoric plants, animals, and their surroundings.
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Noun1.paleoecology - the branch of ecology that studies ancient ecology
bionomics, environmental science, ecology - the branch of biology concerned with the relations between organisms and their environment
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At 2pm researcher in paleoecology Dr Eline van Asperen will talk about the impact of the cattle on vegetation.
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With interdisciplinary specializations in history, geography, archaeology, paleoecology, socio-cultural change, and data digitization analysis, the authors of the book explore how economy, society, politics, and religion have shaped Ireland's history.