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 (pā′lē-ə-sôl′, -sŏl′)
A horizon of fossilized soil, usually buried beneath layers of rock or more recent soil horizons.

[paleo- + Latin solum, soil.]


a variant spelling of palaeosol
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No traces of any paleosol developed on the underlying Triassic sediments suggest, at least, an erosion period previous to the onset of Cretaceous sedimentation.
The lower component, associated with a thick paleosol, contains multiple hearths, debitage, and small triangular points similar to those seen at the Healy Lake Village site.
A short distance to the northeast of Winameg ridge, a soil pit was dug into the north arm of a parabolic sand dune that exposed a 30-cm thick, weakly developed paleosol of organic-rich sand (Fig.
2014, Characteristics of the fifth paleosol complex (S5) in the southernmost part of the Chinese Loess Plateau and its paleo-environmental significance.
Occurrence of an environmental Acinetobacter baumannii strain similar to a clinical isolate in paleosol from Croatia.
Pedogenic mud aggregates and paleosol development in ancient dryland river systems: criteria for interpreting alluvial mudrock origin and floodplain dynamics.
Evidence was sought to test the hypothesis of a Pleistocene age for the landform, in particular the presence of a strongly developed paleosol.
In the Anguru Section, the lower contact of the Jahrum Formation with the Pabdeh Formation is gradational and the upper contact with the Asmari Formation is paraconformable and is characterized with a paleosol horizon.
Post-sampling changes in microbial community composition and activity in a subsurface paleosol.
5m section of organic-rich sediment (peat) dominated by finely commutated plant matter with prominent carbonized logs, that grades upward into a muddy, organic rich paleosol (Fig.
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