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n. Informal
An allowance for support made under court order and given usually by one person to his or her former lover or live-in companion after they have separated.

[Blend of pal and alimony.]


US alimony awarded to a nonmarried partner after the break-up of a long-term relationship
[C20: from a blend of pal + alimony]


(ˈpæl əˌmoʊ ni)

a form of alimony awarded to one member of an unmarried couple who separated after a period of living together.
[1975–80, Amer.;b. pal and alimony]
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Noun1.palimony - support paid by one half of an unmarried partnership after the relationship ends
support payment - a payment made by one person for the support of another


[ˈpælɪmənɪ] Nalimentos mpl pagados a una ex compañera


n (esp US inf) → Unterhaltszahlung f (bei der Auflösung einer Ehe ohne Trauschein)
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com/are-kendall-jenner-blake-griffin-dating-again-model-supports-rumored-boyfriend-2645421) the pair's romance began to circulate after Griffin's ex, Brynn Cameron, filed a palimony suit alleging he abandoned his family to date Jenner.
The doctrine does not] conflict with Nevada's policy [of] refusing to recognize common-law marriages or palimony suits [because, in situations involving] the putative spouse doctrine, the parties have actually attempted to enter into a formal relationship with the solemnization of a marriage ceremony, a missing element in common-law marriages and palimony suits.
King, who was married, also had a long term relationship with a woman, who later sued for palimony when they broke up in 1981.
Full preservation of any of the source words in the blend is marked as W, so that blends with complete overlap such as palimony in Lerher and Veres' experiment are labelled as WW (i.
In the famous Lee Marvin palimony case, Marvin was asked about his reaction to the eleven week trial:
The American College was formed in 1993 to bring together some of the best trial lawyers in America practicing sophisticated and complex family law and matrimonial matters both domestically and abroad ranging from dissolution of marriage (divorce), paternity, palimony, child abduction and domestic torts.
When King was outed in 1981 in a palimony suit filed by her secretary, Marilyn Barnett, with whom she'd had a lengthy relationship, she lost all her endorsements.
London, June 22( ANI ): Jennifer Lopez's former lover Casper Smart is demanding 30,000 pounds a month in palimony, it has been revealed.
Killing Time with Strangers, like The Owl's Song, follows the life of a young male named Palimony Larue, better known as Pal, while he struggles to become a complete American Indian in an incredibly racist and harmful environment.
Thorson sues Liberace for massive palimony, is compelled to settle for a pittance.
But towards the end of his life his chauffeur, and lover, Scott Thorson - played by Damon in Behind The Candelabra - sued him for palimony.
The movie, which opens in Britain in June, concentrates on Scott's romance with Liberace and the palimony suit that scandalised Hollywood.