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tr.v. pal·let·ized, pal·let·iz·ing, pal·let·iz·es
To stack and package (freight, for example) on pallets for efficient shipping and handling.

pal′let·i·za′tion (-lĭ-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
pal′let·i′zer n.
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(ˈpælɪˌtaɪzə) or


a machine that packs, dismantles, or secures pallets
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With over 5,000 palletising/depalletising solutions installed around the world and more than ten years of experience in driving the implementation of collaborative robotics, Gebo Cermex recently introduced CoboAccess_Pal, an advanced industrial cobotic palletiser, available in two configurations:
Irish milk powder producer North Cork Co-Op Creameries has recently ordered a new automatic palletiser for their production plant at Kanturk, County Cork, Ireland.
Linkx Systems has achieved big cost savings at the Unilever Bestfoods plant in Norwich by developing a novel robotic palletiser system that does the work of three conventional palletisers.
An innovative and cost-effective Linkx gantry palletiser, which occupies no more space than a typical manual palletising station, has proved ideally suited to meet the needs of Huegli, a global food supplier with international expertise, at its UK plant in Redditch.
Sewtec has launched a servo robotic palletiser to complete its portfolio of end-of-line equipment that provides tailored automated solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, confectionery and personal care industries.
Mark Tucker of Atlanta Packaging is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with the prestigious and well-established Danish manufacturer of palletising equipment - Dan Palletiser. The team at Atlanta now offer complete end of line solutions from its portfolio of end of line packaging, palletising, pallet wrapping, labelling and handling solutions.
Chronos BTH equipment will be integrated into the manual packing line to provide bag flattening, metal detection and bag transferring to the Robot Palletiser cell.
This extremely compact palletiser, offered on a lease contract, has proven to be very popular with customers who appreciate the flexible financing possibilities it provides and its ease of installation.
A diverse range of accessories complements the CHRONOPAL[TM] RP Robot Palletiser this includes: pallet infeed and outloading systems; wrapping and load protection systems; light curtain safety systems; and safety guarding.
The food ingredient producer had been successfully utilising a Chronos Richardson screw fed E55 weigher for many years on their original manual bagging line, so further automation of the process utilising an integrated bagging line and Compact Palletiser from Chronos proved to be a logical step.
The RP 1200 robot palletiser high-capacity system with patented gripper technology, which offers the optimised formation of palletised layers, has a new motorised gripper assembly will also be illustrated, which provides robot palletisers with a '5th movement axis' for precision bag positioning every time.