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If these conditions are met, the cargo is described as "fully palletized."
From the Robox Vi small footprint robotic descrambler/packer system, to the multi-line bulk palletizing robotic cell, Schneider uses vision-intelligence technology to orient objects traveling down a conveyor into a pattern that can then be packed or palletized, eliminating complex product-handling and orientating equipment.
The company says that Automatic guided carts are ideal for moving palletized products from floor storage or palletizers/stretch-wrappers/ conveyors to anywhere within a plant or warehouse as well as delivering empty pallets, slip sheets, etc.
They then are picked up by the second KR 500 and palletized for transfer within the plant.
These heavy products had to be palletized before shipment, a manual job that had previously been left to factory staff.
Rite-Hite's ongoing strategy is to become a full solutions provider worldwide in the material transfer sector for palletized and non-palletized goods.
The result is that palletized loads of bagged product can be double and triple stacked for more effective use of warehouse space.
The vehicle handles palletized loads on the floor, in racks, on conveyors or atop fixed stands.
In the bottling industry, tier sheets are placed between layers of palletized loads to provide stability.
After manufacturing, different cement mixtures are ground, filled into bags, then palletized, packaged in film and transported to customers and retailers.
For lifting of eye-horizontal coils and palletized vertical coils, a motorized coil/pallet lifter includes fork assemblies and lifting saddles.