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tr.v. pal·let·ized, pal·let·iz·ing, pal·let·iz·es
To stack and package (freight, for example) on pallets for efficient shipping and handling.

pal′let·i·za′tion (-lĭ-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
pal′let·i′zer n.
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(ˈpælɪˌtaɪzə) or


a machine that packs, dismantles, or secures pallets
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Originally designed for building pallet loads of heavy cases in freezers, BW Integrated System's robotic rotary case palletizer has been increasingly deployed to create shipping pallets of lighter weight products from general warehouses, explains Eric Rohlf, the company's value stream leader for robotics.
Wells was then pointed to the Fuji Ace robotic palletizer from Japan-based Fuji Robotics.
A turntable ring on top of the palletizer allows users to rotate the load while they remain in the same position throughout the loading or unloading process--eliminating walking around the pallet.
Albany, NY, October 30, 2016 --( Market Research Hub announces the addition of a new report to its database titled, "Global Robot Palletizer Industry 2016, Trends and Forecast Report." The report provides key statistics on the current state of the industry and other methodical data to understand the market.
The system's unique user-friendly centralized interface drives this changeover, encompassing wrapper, conveyors and palletizer:
Company's Model 72AE palletizer combines the economy and accessibility of a floor-level palletizer with the speeds typically associated with high-level machines.
Many years later, the company modified that technology, creating a "palletizer" that could stack consumer products.
The problems with palletizer and line downtime, ripping bags, and unreadable text disappeared, but the cement bags were so unstable that each pallet needed two hoods to hold even/thing in place.
The GS120 low-speed palletizer comprises manual pallet handling.
The M-16iC robotic mini palletizer cell incorporates a Fanuc M-16iC robot to create single pallet, dual pallet, and multiple pallet cell configurations.
Easy-loading palletizer: The new Roll-In Level Loader from Portland, Maine-based Southworth is a manual palletizer that makes loading and unloading full pallets easier.