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 (păl-yăs′, păl′yăs′)
Variant of paillasse.


(ˈpælɪˌæs; ˌpælɪˈæs) or


(Furniture) a straw-filled mattress; pallet
[C18: from French paillasse, from Italian pagliaccio, ultimately from Latin palea pallet1]
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Noun1.palliasse - mattress consisting of a thin pad filled with straw or sawdust
mattress - a large thick pad filled with resilient material and often incorporating coiled springs, used as a bed or part of a bed


nStrohsack m
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We dropped our kitbags and blanket rolls in our assigned tent and were each given a bundle of hessian which turned out to be an empty palliasse which we filled with straw from a heap in another tent.
I slept on a palliasse above the bath until Colin Maclnnes [the novelist and chronicler of black immigrant and youth culture in London] moved out.
She gently pulled aside the blanket to find the straw palliasse under his thigh soaked with blood.
That night, Liz relaxed into the old palliasse and pulled the thin sheets over her on the bed in her room, that first night away from home.