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 (păl′mə-rē, päl′-, pä′mə-)
Of first-rate importance; principal; excellent: a palmary truth.

[Latin palmārius, decorated with the palm of victory, from palma, palm; see palm2.]
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(ˈpælmərɪ) or


rare worthy of praise
[C17: from Latin palmārius relating to the palm of victory; see palm2]
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(ˈpæl mə ri, ˈpɑl-, ˈpɑ mə-)

[1650–60; < Latin]
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In the process, 'Origin' weaves in discussions of artificial intelligence, the Spanish monarchy and the strange Palmarian Catholic Church.
gibbicarina al alimentarse, son colonizadas por diferentes hongos como Colletrotrichum sp., Curvularia sp., Helminthosporium sp., Gloesporium sp., Macrophoma sp., sin embargo, se destacan por su virulencia Pestalotiopsis palmarian (Cooke) Steyaert y P.
Pius X or more radical sedevacantist and schismatic groups like the Palmarian Catholic Church of the Holy Face, (97) during the 1970s Kamm and his associates became immersed in what the Canadian sociologist Michael Cuneo has called the "netherworld of American Catholicism." (98) This milieu is best described as less of an organized movement than a devotional subculture which embraced a number of loosely related interests ranging from miraculous phenomena like the stigmata, apparitions, and the private revelations of various seers, to end-time prophecies and an obsession with an impending and cataclysmic coming chastisement.
(97) On this curious visionary sect see M Lundberg, 'Fighting the Modern with the Virgin Mary: The Palmarian Church'.
palmarian, en las cuales es esencial la presencia de la feromona de agregacion y una fuente de alimento para hacer mas eficientes las capturas.
Comparacion de trampas para capturar adultos de Rhynchophorus palmarian utilizando la feromona de agregacion producida por el macho.
Her family have urged others to stay away from the Palmarian Catholic Church - a secretive Spanish sect that broke away from the Catholic Church in the 60s.
palmarian, se tuvieron en cuenta los materiales e insumos para la fabricacion de las trampas, y la mano de obra relacionada con su elaboracion, ubicacion y mantenimiento.
A single woman, Breda - who came from Foulksmills in New Ross - was a member of the Palmarian Church and led a private life with limited family contact due to her religious beliefs.
This week Joe Duffy looks back at the story of Bridget Crosbie who died alone and lay undiscovered in her Wexford home for two months After joining a secretive religious sect called The Palmarians, she became reclusive in keeping with the group's strict set of rules and cut herself off from everyday life.