(păl′mə-rē, päl′-, pä′mə-)
Of first-rate importance; principal; excellent: a palmary truth.

[Latin palmārius, decorated with the palm of victory, from palma, palm; see palm2.]


(ˈpælmərɪ) or


rare worthy of praise
[C17: from Latin palmārius relating to the palm of victory; see palm2]


(ˈpæl mə ri, ˈpɑl-, ˈpɑ mə-)

[1650–60; < Latin]
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This point was highlighted, for instance, in Ingrid Palmary (https://www.
La migration pour travail domestique a aussi donne lieu a un nombre important de recherches et a une litterature concentree sur les aspects genres du phenomene (Parrenas 2001; Palmary et al.
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Humor allows us to explore our humanity, lift up or bring down our comrades, release tensions, and reveal the hidden (Barnes, Palmary, & Durrheim, 2001; Lipsitz & Rodriguez, 2012; Lynch, 2002; Meyer, 1997; Nilsen, 1993; Palmer, 1994; Robinson & Smith-Lovin, 2001).
The two aberrant manuscripts, 3R [Rugby] and 3T [Trinity], give different dates in Prologue and Epilogue: 3Rhas 1300, the common corruption, and 1356, the palmary reading; 3T has 1332 and 1366, as in subgroups 1 and 2; 3T avoids the corruptions [of 3e schal witepatpe deed see]; 3R lacks the leaf.
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29) Whereas Bowie shows Homeric trivia references are woven into the larger story of Xerxes' progress (and regress), Helen here is Herodotos' palmary example of Homer's (or someone else by that name) illegitimate freedom from rationality's shackles and dependable sources.
This research was supported by the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation (30960072, 31160109), National Commonweal Project (200903060, 201003019), and Inner Mongolia Palmary Youth Project (2011JQ04).
In our study, the mean peak early diastolic mitral annular velocity (Em) correlated well with the LV ejection fraction and isovolumic relaxation time (IVRT), same observations were reported by Palmary et al10and Sherif et al11.
Interview with Ingrid Palmary, Coordinator & Senior Researcher, Forced Migration Studies Programme, University of Witswatersrand, in Pretoria, South Africa (Mar.
Reflejos de aprehension palmary plantar: Los reflejos palmares y plantares de aprehension son provocados por la presion en la palma o planta.