(păl′mə-rē, päl′-, pä′mə-)
Of first-rate importance; principal; excellent: a palmary truth.

[Latin palmārius, decorated with the palm of victory, from palma, palm; see palm2.]
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(ˈpælmərɪ) or


rare worthy of praise
[C17: from Latin palmārius relating to the palm of victory; see palm2]
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(ˈpæl mə ri, ˈpɑl-, ˈpɑ mə-)

[1650–60; < Latin]
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The latter was under a deal forged with the Palmary group of companies.
Palmary also acquired a minority interest in PhilWeb.
He has also authored a novel, "Valerie Palmary: A Small-Town Girl" which started as a song and released as a single in 2017.
Vearey, J., Palmary, I., Thomas, L., Nunez, L., & Drimie, S.
As Ingrid Palmary, Erica Burman, Khatidja Chantler, and Peace Kiguwa argue, "The question should be less about why gender has not been (as yet) 'mainstreamed' into migration, than about how and why it figures in conceptualizations of mobility, and with what effects." (36) Thus, although leading journals have increasingly featured research that makes mention of gender in migration--just under 20 per cent of the articles published in 2016 to 2017 address gender (37)--looking at how gender is positioned in these articles illustrates the methodological absence of an intersectional approach.
(1) In women's and gender studies, inquiries about translation and the role of translation in transnational feminist collaboration and the global circulation of feminist ideas are also rare (Palmary 576).
This point was highlighted, for instance, in Ingrid Palmary ( 's keynote address on how unpopular policy on migration is made and whether models of policy-making based on Western countries are usefully applied to developing countries.
The regenerated bone of the radius was slightly palmary angulated (~10[degrees]) after the removal of the frame.
As an innovative fluorescence nanomaterial, CDs have palmary photoluminescence, chemical inertness, and biocompatibility [8, 9].
The radiocarpal synovial sac outpouched palmary, proximal to the accessory carpal bone by large palmarolateral pouch (Fig.