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A stylized palm leaf used as a decorative element, notably in Persian rugs and in classical moldings, reliefs, frescoes, and vase paintings.

[French, diminutive of palme, palm, from Old French, from Latin palma; see palm2.]


(Archaeology) archaeol an ornament or design resembling the palm leaf
[C19: from French: a little palm2]



a design or architectural ornament in the form of palmately spread leaves or sections.
[1835–45; < French]


A design or ornament in the form of a stylized palm leaf, often used in ancient architecture.
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Cup with a palmette band, bearing the inscription 'Drink that you may live for ever', 3rd-4th century AD, Roman, eastern Mediterranean, possibly Syrian, free-blown glass with gold leaf, ht 48 cm.
We emailed her stylist a few months ago showing her our Palmette Flower Brass MinaudiAaAaAeA?
On its body, reiterating the allusion to royalty, a wreath motif forms a cartouche decorated with a palmette and fleur de lys.
Si tratta principalmente di motivi o elementi geometrici, come ad esempio linee parallele (5) o palmette stilizzate realizzate sulle prese dei mortai (6).
Adding to the confusion is the visual illusion that the painter has contrived: the bird seems to fly up to the palmette, as though this decorative element were actual foliage in which a real-world swallow might nest.
The following day he kept up momentum with wins from Palmette at Lingfield and WinsiliatNewmarket.
The best bet at Yarmouth could be Palmette in the Stanley Threadwell Memorial Maiden Fillies'' Stakes.
1981) found under vigorous growth conditions that light levels in the lower part of the canopy of a slender spindle multi-row system were lower than in a medium density Palmette hedgerow.
These primarily were--the anthemion and palmette motif, acanthus leaves, the Greek key pattern, rosette motifs, egg-and-dart moulding, running garlands, foliage, and finial forms of the Georgian period.
Giovino, in fact, recognizes that the palmette is "similar" to palm fronds (p.
Royal Copenhagen is expanding Palmette, hand-painted and inspired by Blue Fluted, but at an entry price point for the brand.
The only trace of decoration that remains is part of the rim pattern on one fragment: the tip of a palmette and the tail of a dolphin that flanked it.

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