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A flaky, multilayered puff pastry shaped like a palm leaf that is sprinkled with sugar and baked until the sugar is caramelized. Also called elephant ear.

[French, palm tree, palmier, from palme, palm leaf, from Old French, from Latin palma, palm tree, palm of the hand; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]
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It flattered my vanity a little to be able to say that I had a corner table always reserved in the Salon des Palmiers, otherwise Salon Blanc, where the atmosphere was legitimist and extremely decorous besides - even in Carnival time.
Each brand is practically dessert royalty, and many are arriving in Taiwan for the very first time such as Tokyo Jiyugoaka's hottest new Chocolaphil, BAKER'S CUSTARD which sold a record of 300 Cookie Cubes a minute, Hong Kong Dessert Godfather Tony Wang's Sweet Boutique de Tony Wong Palmiers, Hong Kong social media darling Jovial Patisserie and the renowned Hokkaido souffle-style pancake Tsubaki Salon.
A Rabat, pour participer a une rencontre qui s'est tenue les 26 et 27 mars a l'Institut agronomique et veterinaire Hassan II sous le theme [beaucoup moins que]la protection des plantes face aux defis actuels et en perspectives[beaucoup plus grand que] et unis par une cause commune, l'INRA d'Antibes et l'Association [beaucoup moins que]Sauvons nos palmiers[beaucoup plus grand que], en etroite collaboration avec le chercheur Robert Castellana et l'association de defense de l'environnement basee en France [beaucoup moins que]Fredon Corse[beaucoup plus grand que], se sont embarques dans une expedition [beaucoup moins que]peu commune[beaucoup plus grand que], dans l'espoir de sauver les palmiers d'un mal qui les ravage et les consume.
A ce titre, il a rappele que les programmes de son secteur pour son developpement portent essentiellement sur la rehabilitation des palmiers dans le cadre de l'agriculture oasienne a travers l'augmentation des superficies des palmeraies ainsi que l'intensification de la culture des palmiers par l'irrigation et l'amelioration des techniques de production.
Trump, above, bought Le Chateau des Palmiers in 2013 for an undisclosed price, although it was on the market at the time for $19.7m.
The first test saw the bakers given three hours to present 24 savoury palmiers - two batches of 12 with different styles and flavours.
Clementine possets with cranberry compote & cinnamon palmiers
Hussain's book will feature simple family recipes, such as goat's cheese and black pepper puffs, feta and dill savoury muffins and Za'atar and lemon palmiers.
WELSH table tennis player Tom Matthews will be hoping to finish the international season on a high next week when he will be one of 10 young GB athletes competing in the Cote d'Azure 2014 International Para table tennis tournament in Hyeres les Palmiers, France.