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A computer that is small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand.


a battery-powered microcomputer small enough to fit in the palm.


[ˈpɑːmtɒp] N (also palmtop computer) → ordenador m de bolsillo, computador m or computadora f de bolsillo (LAm), palmtop m


[ˈpɑːmtɒp] n (also palmtop computer) → ordinateur m de poche
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Byline: Boasting full PC, 3G capabilities with touch-screen, PalmTop is a world's first.
Authorized user using cellular phone or palmtop can remotely control system and reach data collected in Measurement Central Base and measuring parameters of recording stations.
In conjunction with the m-learning project, a literature review was conducted to find information relating to the use of palmtop computers and to assist with the selection of appropriate technologies emerging in the field and the design and development of learning materials.
Electronic mapping applications developer Palmtop Software BV has revealed its TomTom Navigator product.
Tom Dunmore, deputy editor of technology magazine Stuff said the past four years has seen a huge rise in demand for Palmtop computers.
Companies must draw up policies for hand-held and palmtop use in the workplace, according to Psion, which found that 70 per cent of IT managers are concerned about integrating mobile working applications into office networks.
Michelin Travel Publications has signed an agreement with PalmTop Software to make Michelin's travel information available on hand-held computers.
said Monday it will make palmtop mobile personal computer (PC) terminals a major part of the company's electronics product lineup.
Princeton Softech's SyncPoint is an enterprise-scale product that allows thousands of handheld, palmtop and laptop users to simultaneously synchronize with corporate, mission-critical applications.
Psion Plc, the London-based palmtop computer maker and software developer, has produced a predictably dismal set of financial results as it shares the burden of building up the Symbian joint venture and struggles to avert the decline in sales of its palmtops and industry products.
The US networking firm and palmtop computer producer 3Com Corp has bought the French company Smartcode Technologie to develop an Internet access technology for the cellphone market in Europe for USD17.