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pal·pate 1

tr.v. pal·pat·ed, pal·pat·ing, pal·pates
To examine or explore by touching (an organ or area of the body), usually as a diagnostic aid.

[Latin palpāre, palpāt-, to touch gently; see pāl- in Indo-European roots.]

pal·pa′tion n.
pal′pa′tor n.
pal′pa·tor′y (-pə-tôr′ē) adj.

pal·pate 2

Having a palp or palps.
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(Animals) a type of beetle with long maxillary appendages
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Cure auceps temporum palpator abscessit, cure priuati latus nudum desertor adsecla foedauit: tunc laceratae donuts plagae conscientiam feriunt, tunc rei familiaris exhaustae damna noscuntur, quibus redemptus fauor uulgi et caducis adque inanibus uotis popularis aura quaesita est."
The less confident palpator scored 12/34 (35%) assessments as "not confident" whereas the more confident palpator scored 7/34 (21%) as "not confident".
The only deviation from the usual radiographic procedure was that prior to exposure, a palpator putatively identified the C1 TVP bilaterally, and affixed to the participant's skin a 2mm in diameter radiopaque lead marker mounted on a self-adhesive pad ("nipple artifacts markers",
It may better mirror how many (but certainly not all) manual therapists detect hypomobility in typical clinical settings: the palpator examines the spine for hypomobile sites that are relatively near the area of the patient's complaints.
An experienced palpator then determined using manual static palpation the location of the SP that lined up most closely to the right IAS.
An observer placed their fingers over the fingers of the first palpator, which were subsequently taken away, to mark the contact for the second palpator.