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pal·pate 1

tr.v. pal·pat·ed, pal·pat·ing, pal·pates
To examine or explore by touching (an organ or area of the body), usually as a diagnostic aid.

[Latin palpāre, palpāt-, to touch gently; see pāl- in Indo-European roots.]

pal·pa′tion n.
pal′pa′tor n.
pal′pa·tor′y (-pə-tôr′ē) adj.

pal·pate 2

Having a palp or palps.
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(Physiology) physiol relating to palpation
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Adj.1.palpatory - relating to or involving palpation
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In 1816, Friedrich Ludwig Kreysig described in his paper titled "Die Krankheiten des Herzens" ("The Diseases of the Heart") a visible and palpatory finding in cases of adherent pericardium:
The diagnosis was made by a specialist in nuclear medicine based on a typical clinical examination, determination of hormones in serum (thyroid-stimulating hormone [TSH], tri-iodothyronine, thyroxine), and ultrasound and palpatory examinations.
The BP of the subjects were measured in supine position or sitting position first by palpatory method and then by auscultatory method.
Immediately after the radiological examination, an examiner experienced in palpatory anatomy performed the marking of the spinal processes of the vertebrae from C7 to L5, using dermographic pencil.
The left arm was gently extended, and the PR and B.P were recorded again by palpatory and auscultatory method.
reproductive spontaneous pain during crisis) were considered clinically significant at palpatory examination, with value equal to or less than: 1kg for anterior temporal and masseter, 500 grams for the lateral pole of the mandible and 2Kg for SCM and trapezium.
Sheila checked his vital signs, blood pressure and conducted a palpatory which is the process of using one's hands to examine the body, especially while perceiving or diagnosing a disease or illness.
(1, (13,29,31)) TPs are defined as discrete areas of soft tissue that are painful to less than four kg of palpatory pressure (1,13,46); however, in contrast to MTrPs, they do not present as overt palpable, nodular structures within the muscle (13).
In all GIST cases (including two laparoscopic and one robot-assisted surgeries) lesions were correctly localised, but due to palpatory indistinct boundaries and tactile heterogeneity of tumours it required more thorough instrumental palpation with very accurate application of MTEC mechanoreceptor.
There was a small change over time in the palpatory GS but not in the hand-held or automated GS, nor in FRR.
[15] have proposed a new simple system for assessing tension of individual vocal tract structures, the Laryngeal Manual Therapy Palpatory Evaluation (LMTPE) scale.