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Plural of palpus.
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(ˈpæl pəs)

n., pl. -pi (-pī).
an appendage attached to an oral part and serving as an organ of sense in insects, crustaceans, etc.
[1805–15; < New Latin; Latin palpus or palpum palm of the hand]
palp′al, adj.
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"'Four membranous wings covered with little colored scales of metallic appearance; mouth forming a rolled proboscis, produced by an elongation of the jaws, upon the sides of which are found the rudiments of mandibles and downy palpi; the inferior wings retained to the superior by a stiff hair; antennae in the form of an elongated club, prismatic; abdomen pointed, The Death's -- headed Sphinx has occasioned much terror among the vulgar, at times, by the melancholy kind of cry which it utters, and the insignia of death which it wears upon its corslet.'"
Next follow those that are constructed for twilight; and, last of all, those destined for total darkness.' By the time that an animal had reached, after numberless generations, the deepest recesses, disuse will on this view have more or less perfectly obliterated its eyes, and natural selection will often have effected other changes, such as an increase in the length of the antennae or palpi, as a compensation for blindness.
Diagnosis.--Both sexes: FI with the external ascoid implanted more apically than the internal one, 3rd palpal segment with the Newstead's sensilla distributed in its middle or more apically, palpi with the 2nd segment as long as or longer than the 4th, ventrocervical sensilla present.
Some studies on palpi belonging to Neotropical charaxids and notes on the wing pattern and behavior of several genera (Lepidoptera: Nymphaloidea, Charaxidae).
Mating behavior.--After starting the experiment, both male and female walked through the arena touching the substrate with antennae and maxillary palpi. Males scavenged the substrate more actively than females (91.73 s [+ or -] 97.4 (3-427 s, n = 15) and 29.86 s [+ or -] 23.2 (0-72 s, n = 15), respectively).
Le manAaAaAeA?ge, d'ailleurs, est l'endroit le plus palpi de la Promenade.
1) Labrum, dorsally with a pair of subapical setae near midline and 2-3 setae near lateral margin; 2) segment II of labial palpi with a strong rounded distomedial blunt projection; 3) coxal gills absent; 4) tarsal claws with 34-39 denticles; 5)abdominal gills whitish; 8) terminal filament subequal in length to cerci (Dominguez et al.
SALAZAR, J.A., 2008.--Some studies on palpi belonging to neotropical Charaxidae with notes on wing pattern and behavior of several genera (Lep.
This re-description is based on coloration of wings, structure of mouthparts, maxillary palpi and internal male and female genitalia.