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1. Shaking; trembling.
2. Undergoing pulsation; pulsating.

[Latin palpitāns, palpitant-, present participle of palpitāre, to palpitate; see palpitate.]
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Adj.1.palpitant - having a slight and rapid trembling motion; "palpitant movements rather than violent eruptions"; "my palpitating heart"
unsteady - subject to change or variation; "her unsteady walk"; "his hand was unsteady as he poured the wine"; "an unsteady voice"
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He observed his hostess attentively from under his shaggy brows, and noted a subtle change which had transformed her from the listless woman he had known into a being who, for the moment, seemed palpitant with the forces of life.
The lad was all excitement; palpitant with eagerness to be off in pursuit.
To his wife's quickened ears, it was charged with lingering regret for frustrated plans and palpitant with his consciousness of life's evanescence and of the futility of his own success.
It soared upward with a swift rush, till it reached its topmost note, where it persisted, palpitant and tense, and then slowly died away.
All that they can do for themselves is to take food from a trough and put it in their mouths, but with us--look at them!" and he proudly exhibited the noble figure that he surmounted, palpitant with life and energy and feeling.
And through the swaying, palpitant vision, as through a fairy mirage, he stared at the real woman, sitting there and talking of literature and art.
Forest and stream and air seemed palpitant with their presence.
J'ai consulte les archives et reconstitue les etapes de leur vie pendant un demi-siecle palpitant, de l'apres-guerre jusqu'aux annees 2000.
TENDERS FLOATEDHolders of such administrative positions were also the wielders of the big knifes in the Module II dispensation, the ones strategically positioned to chop off fatty, palpitant chunks of the beast for themselves.
C'est la formation de Soustara qui ouvrira le bal de la 12e journee du championnat de Ligue 1 Mobilis devant s'etaler sur trois jours (17,18 et 19 novembre), en affrontant le voisin nahdiste au stade 5-Juillet dans un derby palpitant. N'ayant recolte qu'un maigre point lors de ses trois dernieres sorties en championnat, la bande a Paul Put dont ce sera la seconde rencontre sur le banc usmiste aura a cœur de renouer avec la gagne et s'accrocher ainsi a sa place de leader.