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intr.v. pal·tered, pal·ter·ing, pal·ters Archaic
1. To talk or act insincerely or misleadingly; equivocate.
2. To be capricious; trifle.
3. To quibble, especially in bargaining.

[Origin unknown.]

pal′ter·er n.


vb (intr)
1. to act or talk insincerely
2. to haggle
[C16: of unknown origin]
ˈpalterer n


(ˈpɔl tər)

1. to talk or act insincerely or deceitfully.
2. to haggle.
3. to act carelessly; trifle.
[1595–1605; of uncertain orig.]


Past participle: paltered
Gerund: paltering

I palter
you palter
he/she/it palters
we palter
you palter
they palter
I paltered
you paltered
he/she/it paltered
we paltered
you paltered
they paltered
Present Continuous
I am paltering
you are paltering
he/she/it is paltering
we are paltering
you are paltering
they are paltering
Present Perfect
I have paltered
you have paltered
he/she/it has paltered
we have paltered
you have paltered
they have paltered
Past Continuous
I was paltering
you were paltering
he/she/it was paltering
we were paltering
you were paltering
they were paltering
Past Perfect
I had paltered
you had paltered
he/she/it had paltered
we had paltered
you had paltered
they had paltered
I will palter
you will palter
he/she/it will palter
we will palter
you will palter
they will palter
Future Perfect
I will have paltered
you will have paltered
he/she/it will have paltered
we will have paltered
you will have paltered
they will have paltered
Future Continuous
I will be paltering
you will be paltering
he/she/it will be paltering
we will be paltering
you will be paltering
they will be paltering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been paltering
you have been paltering
he/she/it has been paltering
we have been paltering
you have been paltering
they have been paltering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been paltering
you will have been paltering
he/she/it will have been paltering
we will have been paltering
you will have been paltering
they will have been paltering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been paltering
you had been paltering
he/she/it had been paltering
we had been paltering
you had been paltering
they had been paltering
I would palter
you would palter
he/she/it would palter
we would palter
you would palter
they would palter
Past Conditional
I would have paltered
you would have paltered
he/she/it would have paltered
we would have paltered
you would have paltered
they would have paltered
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Verb1.palter - be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information
misinform, mislead - give false or misleading information to


1. To stray from truthfulness or sincerity:
2. To argue about the terms, as of a sale:
References in classic literature ?
Mortification at the overthrow of his notable scheme; hatred of the girl who had dared to palter with strangers; and utter distrust of the sincerity of her refusal to yield him up; bitter disappointment at the loss of his revenge on Sikes; the fear of detection, and ruin, and death; and a fierce and deadly rage kindled by all; these were the passionate considerations which, following close upon each other with rapid and ceaseless whirl, shot through the brain of Fagin, as every evil thought and blackest purpose lay working at his heart.
Since murder was that man's intention, why should he palter with small details?
And I would warn you, sir, that if you palter with the truth in such little matters you may darken your more important statements with suspicion.
Performers include Jocelyn Clark on gayageum, Morris Palter on percussion, Sally Schlichting on flute, and Lisa Ibias on the violin.
As per local Kashmiris people of IOK, as a routine, the protestors and the stone palter (mostly youth) are arrested and later killed through fake encounters.
private-equity veteran Gilbert Palter said he got a flurry of calls from the energy company's top shareholders, who wanted more than just to wish him well.
12) Palter and colleagues have shown similar results in other training paradigms.
Atlantic Power Corporation (NYSE: AT) (TSX: ATP), a company that owns and operates a diverse fleet of power generation assets in the United States and Canada, has named Gilbert S Palter as its director.
Palter to its board of directors following the Annual General Meeting on 23 June 2015.
165) Supreme Court precedent dictates one, and only one, answer: "The Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court in decisions that we are not free to palter with answers this question 'no.
They cover historical topics, such as the classic works Zyklus, The King of Denmark, and Interieur I, the Percussion Group Cincinnati, and Herbert BrEn's graphic works; innovative performers and composers like Peter Garland and Stuart Saunders Smith, as well as speaking percussionist music and the role of technology; interviews with percussionists (William Winant, Allen Otte, Morris Palter, Christopher Shultis, and Stuart Saunders Smith) on issues that have affected their creative activities; and anecdotes from performers like Steven Schick, Robyn Schulkowsky, and Allen Otte.
The ceremony also feted Maria Menounos, whom luxury shoe line Palter DeLiso co-founder Lauren Bruksch presented with the Palter DeLiso Charitable Soul award for her work in developing countries; and Jessica Matthews, a tech entrepreneur who created the revolutionary Soccket energy source, and whom Bryce Dallas Howard honored with the Moroccanoil Inspired to Action Award.