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intr.v. pal·tered, pal·ter·ing, pal·ters Archaic
1. To talk or act insincerely or misleadingly; equivocate.
2. To be capricious; trifle.
3. To quibble, especially in bargaining.

[Origin unknown.]

pal′ter·er n.
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Noun1.paltering - a trivial act of lying or being deliberately unclear
lying, prevarication, fabrication - the deliberate act of deviating from the truth
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The man slept on, indifferent to showers of hail and intervals of brightness, to sunshine on his face and shadow, to the paltering lumps of dull ice on his body and the diamonds into which the sun changed them, until the sun was low in the west, and the sky was glowing.
Loving you, he should, in the name of common sense, be doing something that would give him the right to marry, instead of paltering around with those stories of his and with childish dreams.
135) Hedging and paltering occur, and directors must guard against them.
Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) associate professor Todd Rogers terms this practice paltering, which he defines as the active use of truthful statements to convey a misleading impression.
One clear takeaway from these talks is that deception covers a seemingly unlimited number of shades or subcategories, from lying (in a number of shades of its own), to paltering, to fraud, to deceptive talk, and more.
Paltering includes "fudging, twisting, shading, bending, stretching, slanting, exaggerating, distorting, whitewashing, and selective reporting" (39), at least when they succeed.
Schauer and Zeckhauser also comment that the government engages in paltering by issuing tax enforcement press releases immediately prior to Tax Day.
This includes discussion of routine forms of deception, online dating, financial markets, animals, lying and paltering, facial expression, doctoring of photos, hacking and phishing, rumor, the tradition of tricksters, and deception in ancient society, government, and the military.
It would be paltering with the truth to say that we were not surprised by the birth of a center dedicated to the legacy of Alexander Hamilton at the college that bears his name.