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adj. pal·tri·er, pal·tri·est
1. Lacking in importance or worth. See Synonyms at trivial.
2. Very small or inadequate in amount; negligible: was paid a paltry sum for his work.
3. Marked by meanness or lack of generosity; contemptible: "I would far rather burn my whole book, than that he or any other man should think that I had behaved in a paltry spirit" (Charles Darwin).

[Probably from obsolete and dialectal paltry, trash, perhaps from Low German paltrig, ragged, from palte, rag.]

pal′tri·ly adv.
pal′tri·ness n.
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Noun1.paltriness - worthlessness due to insignificance
worthlessness, ineptitude - having no qualities that would render it valuable or useful; "the drill sergeant's intent was to convince all the recruits of their worthlessness"
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nArmseligkeit f, → Schäbigkeit f; (of reason)Unbedeutendheit f, → Geringfügigkeit f
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I cannot hide from myself that there is a certain appearance of paltriness, as of toys and the trumpery of a theatre, in sculpture.
A third reason for the paltriness of EFL grapho-phonemic training might be the lack of direct applicability of much of the existing empirical research, which is almost entirely concerned with measuring the consistency of English orthography.
His profuse upsurge of sinfulness in confession made his wise father-confessor scoff at the paltriness of it all.
In both cases the two authors emphasize the paltriness of the human being who presumptuously rationalizes grand schemes that fail to confront the individual directly, and so ignore the suffering that defines us all.
Suddenly I saw the paltriness of the years I had strung together.
[...] maybe in twenty, thirty years one will still speak of you or make exhibitions or symposia or conferences or workshops, however, in its grinning paltriness, the remembrance of you, will certainly no longer live, [...] only the oblivion is on your side, [...], no matter how often you desire to stay, you won't [...].
"That a talent as resourceful as Pynchon bothered to bother at all ought to gratify reader who can forgive some paltriness of plot to savor the exotic pungency of his style.
Capital's ceaseless striving towards the general form of wealth drives labour beyond the limits of its natural paltriness, and thus creates the material elements for the development of the rich individuality which is as all-sided in its production as in its consumption, and whose labour also therefore appears no longer as labour, but as the full development of activity itself, in which natural necessity in its direct form has disappeared; because a historically created need has taken the place of the natural one.
Above I presented Pagis' revolutionary distinction between dark poems of fate, which bemoan the brevity of life in this world and do not hold out any condolence, and the poems of admonishment and faith, which urge one to view the paltriness of life in this world in a more positive light, as an incentive to turn one's attention to the attractions of the afterlife.
This very paltriness is the real secret of Kurzweil's theory, which promises to create a mind without really having to describe what it is like to have one.
Lou Carrington is her mother's daughter in the way that she comes to realize the paltriness of her husband and his way of life, but the younger woman resists the elder's temptation to throw herself into a stronger personality and be subsumed by it.