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n.1.A pavement.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He demanded immediate pament of their 5 months outstanding salary and pensions to retired employees.
Purisima said average tax pament of each pawnshop fell to P315,812 last year from P363,085 in 2011.
Shared service centers and pament factories for instance offer a single interface across all divisions, facilitate standard accounting treatment, uniform controls and oversight and optimize resourcing.
The buyers, also including private equity investors Xenon Capital Partners' Rusenergo Fund and the Macquarie Renaissance Infrastructure Fund, will pay up to USD750m (EUR576m) for InterRAOa[euro](tm)s stake, comprising an initial pament of USD625m and a further up to USD125m consideration if a rate of return of more than 18% is achieved on the investment, RDIF said.
ANGLO-NORMAN WORDS * Rubbish - Robouse * Lettuce - Laituce * Pavement - Pament * Gutter - Gutere * Soup - Supe * Salmon - Salmon * Parliament - Parlement * Constable - Conestable * Bachelor - Bacheler
Tanya Robb, who plays Dinah in a production of Starlight Express, sets the wheels of her performance in motion with the help of assistants Becky Pament and Helen Keene.
Mais au terme du recueil elle rejette les romans et reduit les romanciers et leurs creations au rang d'automates: "Un automate ecrivain fait ici des automates qui pleurent, se pament, s'empoisonnent, se percent le sein se font enterrer" (OC 9, p.
{24} The Wollondilly Shire Council, at its January meeting, considered a letter from Weaver seeking clarification about the pament. Asked whether it should go to Young or to the national effort in Sydney, councillors unanimously decided that the proceeds of all scrap collected should be credited to Weaver's scheme.
In his Lettre sur la musique francaise Rousseau testified even more explicitly that Parisian women took pleasure in the French rather than the Italian opera: "C'est sur ces impertinens amphigouris [French arias] que nos Musiciens epuisent leur gout & leur scavoir, & nos Acteurs leurs gestes & leurs poumons; c'est a ces morceaux extravagans que nos femmes se pament d'admiration .