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also Pam·pe·an  (păm′pē-ən, păm-pē′ən)
Of or relating to the pampas of South America or to their inhabitants.
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The plain, at the distance of a few miles from the coast, belongs to the great Pampean formation, which consists in part of a reddish clay, and in part of a highly calcareous marly rock.
Avian community response to urbanization in the Pampean region, Argentina.
2016) becoming the main Pampean crop occupying 50-60% of the cropping area.
Delving into the variations in tree species composition and richness across South American subtropical Atlantic and Pampean forests.
Knowledge and productive-technological decisions in the pampean family farming: A mechanism of resistance to the model of industrial agriculture
Occurrence charts of Pleistocene mammals in the Pampean area, eastern Argentina.
Distribution of the apple snail Pomacea canaliculata in Pampean streams (Argentina) at different spatial scales.
The greenhouse used was a Pampean arch with the following dimensions: 2.0-m-height lateral post, 3.5-m-height central post, 20-m long and 10-m wide, oriented in a north-south direction.