pan gravy

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pan′ gra`vy

meat juices, as from a roast, seasoned but not usu. thickened.
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Noun1.pan gravy - the seasoned but not thickened juices that drip from cooking meats; often a little water is added
juice - the liquid part that can be extracted from plant or animal tissue by squeezing or cooking
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For potluck season, Bizu Catering Studio offers party roasts: Whole Turkey with stuffing and pan gravy, cured Lamb Ham with mint jelly, slow-roasted Porchetta with crackling skin and tender meat, and Baked Salmon Rockefeller -a delectable dish of layered spinach, parmesan sauce and Norwegian salmon.
Traditional country Thanksgiving buffet featuring roasted fresh turkey, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and pan gravy, glazed ham, roasted prime rib, cedar planked wild salmon, traditional and oyster dressings, roasted sweet potato bake, salads, desserts and more.
Classic Pan Gravy Yield: 5 to 6 cups Time: 25 minutes 7 tablespoons turkey fat, left in roasting pan 6 tablespoons flour, preferably instant or all-purpose 1/2 cup grape juice 4 to 5 cups turkey stock or chicken stock Kosher salt and black pepper 1.
Mains: chargrilled turkey escalope, sauteed sprout leaves and bacon, parsnip dauphinoise and pan gravy, or slow-cooked short rib of Carmarthenshire beef, mashed potato, heritage carrots, squash puree.
We were warned that the dish contains raw eggs in case we had a medical condition that prohibited eating it) For the mains I went for the roast topside of Welsh beef, Yorkshire pudding and pan gravy.
Carve the racks into cutlets and serve with steamed green veg and pan gravy.
Theoretically, you can make them from scratch as the clock ticks down, but good luck pulling that rabbit out of a hat while you're simultaneously whipping up a pan gravy and finishing off your sides in a kitchen full of hovering relatives.
Eat Here Sarasota's veal meatloaf was just what you want in this classic dish: Well-seasoned, tender and comforting, it's served with a mound of mashed potatoes, pan gravy and a tangle of arugula salad.
Po-boys, wraps, and specialty sandwiches take up two pages and include perennial favorites like roast beef and pan gravy, muffalettas, Reubens, and Philly cheesesteak.
Add 1 tsp mascarpone or 1 tbsp double cream to the pan gravy
The main course was exactly what I'd been hoping for, a large helping of roast and boiled potatoes with broccoli, steamed greens, roasted roots and pan gravy.