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 (păn′ə-tĕl′ə) also pan·e·tel·a or pan·e·tel·la (păn′ĭ-)
A long slender cigar.

[Spanish, biscuit, cigar, from American Spanish, long thin biscuit, from Italian panatella, diminutive of panata, panada, from pane, bread, from Latin pānis; see pā- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.panatela - a long slender cigar
cigar - a roll of tobacco for smoking
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Baby..We had to reorder all their cigars including the new Churchill and Panatela's." Frank Falcone at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas said, "Our hotel and casino guest really liked the S.O.B cigars." Brooks Entertainment Inc.
"For beginners, I'd recommend a mild to medium bodied cigar, perhaps a Petit Corona or Panatela size.
I only hope the poor dab has had a few days off; that like the rest of us she's found some solace and relaxation - perhaps in a glass of ginger wine and a short panatela and an hour popping bubble wrap.

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