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Adj.1.pancake-style - cooked as pancakes are cooked
cooked - having been prepared for eating by the application of heat
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It's a pancake-style rig and Tia runs her belt over the outside of the holster to keep the gun snug against her for better retention during her active hunting and fishing duties.
You can have the ISP style with the steel clip like I have or with a leather belt loop, or you can have a three-slot pancake-style holster that fits belts up to 1.5 inches wide.
Their output includes martabak, an Indonesian street food pancake-style base with toppings of British favourites such as banana cake, salted caramel cake and cup cakes.
Dishes Chung ETHIOPIA | Blue Nile 28 Great Hampton Street, B18 6AA Named after the African river that begins in Ethiopia, the Blue Nile restaurant specialises in traditional pancake-style dishes - spiced vegetable and meat stews.
Extra weight on the roof could cause a potentially disastrous "pancake-style" collapse of walls.
The Banshee is a low-profile, pancake-style inside-the-waistband holster, and when paired with the slim frame of my M&P Shield with Trijicon HD night sights, it provided me with a very concealable package.
If you're looking for a good "starter" holster, the best bet is to go with a normal-ride, FBI-cant or straight-drop, pancake-style speed scabbard and a proper gun belt able to fit it.
Meanwhile all attempts to introduce the yellow-eyed, jumbled up or even pancake-style varieties of eggs to my mush have been met with the face usually reserved for the realisation Jimmy, our talking cocker spaniel, has once again failed to observe the house rules relating to canine flatulence.
I enlisted a friend who chose a Glock Model 19 in 9mm drawn from an Alabama Holster Company pancake-style, strong-side Kydex holster.
Everything about the AA-grade walnut stock says understated class, from the subtle pancake-style cheekpiece to the perfectly executed 24-lines-per-inch checkering to the ebony forend tip.
The five-layer die Premier built for General Plastic is a pancake-style unit that uses a set of three round plates to process the flow of each individual layer, explains Steve Jonak, president of Premier.
If you fancy having a go at preparing waffles, they are made with a pancake-style mix of eggs, milk, flour but with the addition of caster sugar and baking powder and served hot with maple syrup.