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1. An elected village council in India.
2. A traditional village, caste, or tribal council in South Asia.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a village council in India
[Hindi, from Sanskrit panch five, because such councils originally consisted of five members]
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Noun1.panchayat - a village council in India or southern Pakistan
council - a body serving in an administrative capacity; "student council"
Bharat, India, Republic of India - a republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia; second most populous country in the world; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947
Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Pakistan, West Pakistan - a Muslim republic that occupies the heartland of ancient south Asian civilization in the Indus River valley; formerly part of India; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947
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OKARA -- A man shot himself dead in fear of Panchayat on Monday.
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], January 14 (ANI): Minister for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development (PR&RD) Jupally Krishna Rao finalised its recommendation on the Panchayat Raj Bill for decentralisation of power and to strengthen the governing body at ground level.
LAHORE -- There is need to abolish panchayat and jirga systems which are a source of immoral decisions.
FAISALABAD -- The Tandlianwala city police on Wednesday registered a case against three members of a panchayat on charges of subjecting a girl to assault.
FAISALABAD: A woman was gang-raped on Wednesday as a punishment for marrying of her choice on the orders of a Panchayat of local influential elders in the Chak 429 village of Tandlianwala district near Faisalabad.
Kottur grama panchayat in Kozhikode district is making it to the list of many firsts in the State.
MULTAN -- A man and a woman who had married out of freewill were forcibly separated under a ruling given by yet another panchayat in Multan's Muzafarrabad area.
MULTAN -- Local police arrested twenty members of a Panchayat in connection with their alleged role in a rape case, police official said.
Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh: Striking a blow for gender equality in the triple talaq debate, a panchayat (village council) here, has fined a man Rs200,000 (Dh11,398) for divorcing his wife by uttering 'talaq' thrice in one go and asked him to pay Rs60,000 as mehr to his wife.
strange and shocking diktats of village panchayats, especially in the western Uttar Pradesh regarding cases related to marital dispute, but the village panchayat of the Baghpat district has set an example for others to follow.
Meanwhile, Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani on Saturday took suo motou notice of Panchayat verdict of gang rape with woman in Muzaffargarh and sought report from Inspector General of Police, Punjab by February 04.
Summary: Kolkata: Observing that non-conduct of the panchayat polls would be a disaster, the CPI-M yesterday .