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The cells used can be hematopoietic or blood-forming stem cells, skeletal muscle cells, mesenchymal cells, lymphocytes, dendritic cells and pancreatic islet cells.
In the study published in 'Nature Communications', researchers have maintained long-term survival and function of pancreatic islet transplants despite complete discontinuation of all anti-rejection drugs on day 21 after the transplant.
Effect of insulin antibodies on pancreatic islet insulin and beta cell granule content.
The Seraxis therapy could overcome some of the challenges associated with current pancreatic islet transplant protocols, providing a theoretically unlimited supply of insulin-producing cells and reducing or eliminating the need for post-transplant pharmacologic immunosuppression.
There were several limitations to this study, including the small number of patients in each group and how pancreatic islet characteristics can vary based on their location.
Foster, Ph.D., from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, and colleagues evaluated HRQOL, functional health status, and health utility before and after pancreatic islet transplantation in CIT Consortium Protocol 07 trial participants.
However, for recipients undergoing autologous pancreatic islet transplantation following total resection of the pancreas, the fact that some recipients develop diabetes over time after achieving blood sugar homeostasis points to the possibility that the chronic islet dysfunction is likely due to physiological exhaustion rather than immune factors, especially in hosts harboring a marginal islet mass [89-91].
Also, nonfunctional islets in two scaffolds with MSCs may also indicate that MSCs transplantation may represent additional step threatening the success of pancreatic islet engraftment by another operation during the whole procedure.
Beta cell expansion using microcarriers in an STR was carried out using trypsin-dispersed human pancreatic islet cells grown on 1 g [L.sup.-1] Cytodex-3 microcarrier.
p43 is a mitochondrial transcription factor found in this organelle genome; it stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis, and its knockout causes defects of insulin secretion and decreases pancreatic islet density both in vivo and in isolated pancreatic islets.