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 (păn′dər-əs) also Pan·dar (-dər)
1. The leader of the Lycians, slain by Diomedes in the Iliad.
2. The procurer of Cressida for Troilus in medieval romance.
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Noun1.Pandar - someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)pandar - someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)
England - a division of the United Kingdom
offender, wrongdoer - a person who transgresses moral or civil law
procuress - a woman pimp
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Second National Conference on Management Dynamics, Economic Development and Financial Management, Shiraz, Pandar Andish Rahpo Co., Tehran, Iran.
Omorere said they eventually discovered that it was the same Mrs Philips who made away with Mrs Pandar's boy at Igbudu Market in November 28, 2018 and she was subsequently picked up with her husband on January 30, 2019 at her house at Orhuwhorun along Usiefu road in Udu Local Government Area and paraded along six other women at the Ekpan Police Station.
Multiple overexpressed lncRNAs, including RP11-160H22.5, XLOC-014172, LOC149086, UCA1, WRAP53, AF085935, uc003wbd, PVT1, uc002mbe.2, PANDAR, SPRY4-IT1, uc001ncr, AX800134, linc00152, and HULC, have been identified to be prospective diagnostic indicators for HCC [19-34].
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The hat-trick-seeking Pandar is still potentially well treated on old form despite a 10lb rise for a ready success last time, but he has finished last on his two starts here and that is not encouraging for a horse who is likely to be a short price.
Simon Henderson, a senior fellow with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said Khan once told him that in the 1980s, Ali Shamkhani, then a Pandar officer and now the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, flew to Iran thinking he could pick up three nuclear bombs from the Pakistani military and was most disappointed when told there had been a misunderstanding.
(23) Sir Philip Sidney (1544-1586) has noted in his An Apology for Poetry that by his time the name Pandar (Pandarus) had become synonymous with pander ("a go-between in love intrigues") owing to Chaucer's portrayal in the Troilus and Criseyde (29).
GOODWOOD: 2.00 Shalianzi, 2.30 Lightning Charlie, 3.05 FINIAL (NAP), 3.40 Pandar, 4.15 My Lord, 4.45 Open The Red, 5.15 Fun Mac, 5.45 Seldom Seen.
Jumps action is chiefly at Chepstow and David Pipe's Broadway Buffalo looks good in the Get The Best Free Bets At Novices' Chase Wright Ones Newmarket 2.05pm Commemorative 2.40pm Provenance 3.10pm Stetchworth 3.50pm Moidore (NAP) 4.30pm Tazffin 5.05pm Parsley 5.40pm Red Runaway MUSSELBURGH 1.55pm Cyril 2.30pm Pigeon Pie 3pm Miss Mulberry 3.35pm Right Of Appeal 4.15pm Viva Verglas 4.50pm Altaayil 5.25pm Flash City YORK1.50pm Master Of Finance 2.20pm Soviet Rock 2.55pm Bond's Girl 3.30pm Highland Colori 4.10pm Akeed Champion 4.45pm Hot Spice 5.20pm War Poet CHEPSTOW 2pm Full Blast2.35pm Emerging Talent 3.05pm Relentless Dreamer 3.40pm Broadway Buffalo 4.20pm Dispour 4.55pm Colebrooke 5.30pm Handy Andy 6pm Murphys Way TOMORROW'S NAP: Pandar (Goodwood 3.40pm).