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1. Pandects A digest of Roman civil law, compiled for the emperor Justinian in the sixth century ad and part of the Corpus Juris Civilis. Also called Digest.
2. The definitive statement of a legal rule.

[Latin pandectēs, encyclopedia, from Greek pandektēs, all-receiving : pan-, pan- + dektēs, receiver (from dekhesthai, to receive, accept; see dek- in Indo-European roots).]

pandect, pandects

a legal code or complete body or system of laws.
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They have provided a system which for terse comprehensiveness surpasses Justinian's Pandects and the By-laws of the Chinese Society for the Suppression of Meddling with other People's Business.
The most famous was the Digest, a rewriting of previous law, and the Pandects, a systematic compilation of Justinian's own edicts.
Some confusion results as Marx, only a few years away from his Berlin studies of the pandects and jurisprudence, attempts to solve the problem.