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pandemia, pandemy

an epidemic of unusually large proportions, affecting most of the inhabitants of a certain area at the same time. — pandemic, adj., n.
See also: Disease and Illness
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Disordered eating in women: implications for the obesity pandemy. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research, 72(1), e115-e125.
Considering that the majority of the seropositive patients had not exhibited typical signs of influenza, the virus that spread in Estonia was probably attenuated compared to the strains that were characteristic of the 2009-2010 pandemy in many other countries.
According to WHO's recommendations (UNAIDS, 2009), in the absence of a cure for HIV/AIDS, its prevention depends on the adoption and maintenance of safe behaviors, noting that the educational strategies that modify or eliminate risk behavior remain the major interventions to prevent and control the spread of this pandemy. It is crucial that young people realize that their sexuality can be experienced in a healthy and happy way, and that to protect from HIV / AIDS, they have to use condoms in insertive sex practices always (for it is the most effective way of protection against HIV / AIDS) (Reis, Ramiro, Matos, Diniz, & Simoes, 2011).