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 (păn′ə-jĭr′ĭst, -jī′rĭst)
One who writes or delivers panegyrics; a eulogist.
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Noun1.panegyrist - an orator who delivers eulogies or panegyrics
orator, public speaker, rhetorician, speechifier, speechmaker - a person who delivers a speech or oration
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The cause of all this, Socrates, was indicated by us at the beginning of the argument, when my brother and I told you how astonished we were to find that of all the professing panegyrists of justice-- beginning with the ancient heroes of whom any memorial has been preserved to us, and ending with the men of our own time-- no one has ever blamed injustice or praised justice except with a view to the glories, honours, and benefits which flow from them.
Abdul Gadir Yousif, have conduct a communication day tour to a number of the Sudanese creaters in various fields, including a visit to the family of great panegyrist (Al-Madih) the late Ahmed Al-Amin Al-Gurashi, outstanding poet Mohammed Ali Abu Gatati, the family of the late dramatist Mahmoud Siraj Abu Ghaboura, and the great singer Abdalla Yousif Al-Debibha.
Exaggeration: Sanaei was a panegyrist and his highest exaggeration are in his eulogy odes and his exaggerated images associated with artistic expression images: "Wisdom cannot be eulogized, it is just full of nothing.
Jonson's term "sweet swan of Avon" and the reference by Leonard Digges, another folio panegyrist, to "Stratford moniment" are superficial and impersonal, and there is more than one place called Stratford or Avon.
Situated as I am, with respect to the glorious Picture so finely eulogised and with its illustrious Panegyrist, what can I say, where should I find words for the various and thronging ideas that fill my mind?
A Hindu Panegyrist Remembers Sultan Mahmud Ghazna, 1030
Written as a reply to Ibn al-Qarih, a then renowned panegyrist (sheih, ironically), in which al-Ma'arri criticizes in a more or less implicit way the unabashed style and conduct of his colleague.
Despite divergent perspectives, the queen's detractor and her panegyrist see the survival of her sexual charisma over her long reign as a sign of her supernatural power.
He is also remembered as a great panegyrist and lyricist, the author of a number of masterly general odes portraying human experience, and particular odes collected in Qazaliyat (Sonnets) and Qasa'id (Odes).
In return for this skepticism, Hawthorne was treated to widespread censure, such as that offered by the New York Times in its 1852 review of the Life of Pierce, which pronounced Hawthorne an "indiscriminate panegyrist and electioneering trickster.
Walter has been considered the likelier candidate on the grounds that William was an uninspired panegyrist of Elizabeth's England.
87) Yet writing to Valla more than fifteen years later while he was undergoing an inquisitorial process for his exercise of intellectual freedom and scholarly innovation, Filelfo makes it clear that Valla should censor himself, and he even suggests that he should shift his vocation solely to that of a chronicler or panegyrist for his patron.