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A member of a panel.
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(ˈpæn l ɪst)

a member of a panel convened for public discussion, judging, playing a radio or television game, etc.
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Noun1.panelist - a member of a panel
panel - a group of people gathered for a special purpose as to plan or discuss an issue or judge a contest etc
critic - anyone who expresses a reasoned judgment of something
juror, juryman, jurywoman - someone who serves (or waits to be called to serve) on a jury
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Here are a few suggestions to elevate the odds of study adherence and panelist retention and compliance.
An ideal sensory panelist is self-motivated, has the ability to learn aroma and taste attributes quickly, is sensitive to the importance of panel times and fully completed analysis forms, and is confident speaking in front of others with the ability to defend their sensory scores when challenged.
PPM analysis tool and PD Advantage clients will now have access to reports that will provide everyone from programmers up to the C-Suite withgreater insight into panelist behavior and panel change.
Panelist responses surrounding current and future trends for construction project delivery methods suggest a return to more collaborative methods.
That could drop to 1% by next December, according to one panelist's prediction, or rise to as high as 3.7%.
The patient representative panelist emphasized the need to engage the pregnant woman in the research process.
One panelist talked about the development of 'local multi-Emiratis', such as Aramex and DP World, and the advantage that this region has in terms of uniting diverse countries under one common language.
"We need to know technology, how it's used," said panelist Kathleen Edmond, chief ethics officer for Best Buy.
One panelist stated, "Eighty-five percent of our work is being funded through self-funding or in some cases, equity investors." This is due in part to fewer bank loans for construction.
We supplied two of our panelists (Paula and Geoff) with the Merlot, while we gave Vlada, our only actual millennial panelist, the Cabernet Sauvignon.
Consistent across panelist testimony is flexibility and buoyancy in response to unprecedented market challenges.