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Made of or having prefabricated wall, floor, and roof sections that are shipped to and assembled at the building site: panelized housing.

pan′el·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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"So they have to do more with less, and panelization allows them to attack projects, regardless of their size, with a smaller crew and be able to spread their labor out.
Erickson operates its own lumber and panelization yards, in which the majority of computer-designed wall panels, trusses and framing components are pre-fabricated, and employs hundreds of carpenters who provide installation and building services.
"Combining light gauge steel manufacturing with the newest framing and panelization techniques provides our clients competitive advantages," Al Iagnemma, chief operating officer of Synergy Steel said.
The ceramic panelization system proposed for the interior Ventilated Facades represent a challenging new opportunity for Gemstar to combine our extensive knowledge of stone cladding, ceramic work and engineering.
"Test Rig House Re-Explores Panelization, Energy Use".
Panelization, also known as the processing of boards in an array format, keeps small boards attached to each other within a single, larger substrate.
In some instances, a specification is developed to capture the panelization strategy for board fabrication, as well as the assembly panel array (pallet).
Initial design review recommendations typically include printed circuit board panelization and design for manufacturability/transferability.
For example, the panelization work was a first-time effort for the crew and likely would require less time with more experience.
The combination of larger memories and greater panelization has led to a geometric increase in the amount of data that needs to be programmed onto a panel of boards containing ISP devices.