Made of or having prefabricated wall, floor, and roof sections that are shipped to and assembled at the building site: panelized housing.

pan′el·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Panelized HercuWall concrete system, insulated flooring, and advanced HVAC design improve durability and comfort.
Iroko, 150 Rouse Boulevard's panelized facade system of precast concrete and multiple glass assemblies which were arranged to minimize solar gain while maximizing the panoramic views, is one of many projects completed in partnership with architecture firm DIGSAU.
Tenders are invited for a vivarium panelized truck-in dry heat sterilizer to be used in the sterilization of laboratory rodent cages and racks.
There are a few additional factors to consider with panelized boards:
He said companies that were not complying with anti-corruption laws were being panelized heavily.
Kitchens have panelized appliances from Bertazonni, Bosch and Blomberg, a washer/ dryer, and pantries in select kitchens.
OEMs may not fully understand how their data are panelized, as long as they get the end-product.
If you love the look of stone but don't have the bucks to hire it installed by a pro or the skill (or courage) to install it yourself, check out Boral's Versetta Stone panelized stone veneer.
The topics include types of fiber and fiber arrangement, failure modes in structural applications and their prevention, hybrid composites for structural applications, thermoplastic composite structural insulated panels for modular panelized construction, strengthening steel structures, and environmental engineering applications.
Told in a panelized comic style, Burney tackles everything from the foundational elements of the state--how it defines and punishes crime--to specific causes of guilt, liability, and possible defenses.
Unfortunately, these opportunities often are not pursued because facility managers fear the costs and down-time associated with building solid permanent walls or rigid panelized structures.
Wind damage to commercial property could be seen to signs, roofs, and exterior coverings, such as panelized wall systems.