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n. pl. pan·et·to·nes or pan·et·to·ni (-nē)
A festive Italian yeast cake flavored with candied fruit peels and raisins.

[Italian, augmentative of panetto, a small loaf, diminutive of pane, bread, from Latin pānis; see panada.]


(pænəˈtəʊnɪ; Italian panetˈtoːne)
n, pl -nes or -ni (-ni)
(Cookery) a kind of Italian spiced brioche containing sultanas: traditionally eaten at Christmas in Italy
[Italian, from panetto small loaf, from pane bread, from Latin pānis]


(ˌpæn ɪˈtoʊ ni)

n., pl. -nes, -ni (-nē).
an Italian yeast bread with raisins, almonds, candied fruit, etc.
[1920–25; < Italian, derivative of panetto little loaf =pan(e) bread (< Latin pānis) + -etto diminutive suffix]
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Anyone with a sweet tooth knows Italy is famous for its panettone, and Milan's best can be found at Pasticceria Cucchi.
Traditionally, every household would have a Christmas pudding proudly displayed on the table, but now, more and more families seem likely to offer alternatives such as panettone, torte, gateaux and panna cotta instead.
The panettone is a uniquely seasonal cake, originating in Milan in Italy sometime in the early 20th Century, along with its fruit-free cousin, the pandoro.
The limited edition Ginetonne gives a new gin twist to the traditional panettone.
Serves 4-6 Ingredients 500g panettone 50g unsalted butter at room temperature 12tbsp of rum 100g sultanas 1 whole nutmeg, grated 1tsp cinnamon 200ml milk 200ml single cream 3 eggs 2tbsp golden caster sugar Method 1 In a large bowl, beat the butter with 6 tablespoons of rum until the liquid is incorporated.
There are also handy hints on how to make the most of left-over Christmas panettone, how to create retro cocktails and crafting stylish napkins for the table.
And tapas is more likely to be served for nibbles than devils on horseback - while Yule log and Christmas cake give way to stollen and panettone.
He then travels to a place that's new to him, San Marino, where he prepares a panettone and honey pudding.
Products include an arugula wood-fired crust pizza cranberry panettone and pandoro from Italy, marinated artichoke hearts from Peru, and extra virgin olive oil from Greece." The items are stocked in aisles throughout the store, including frozen and dairy.
We have come up with almost every region's famous Christmas dish such as Panettone from Italy etc.