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n. pl. pan·et·to·nes or pan·et·to·ni (-nē)
A festive Italian yeast cake flavored with candied fruit peels and raisins.

[Italian, augmentative of panetto, a small loaf, diminutive of pane, bread, from Latin pānis; see panada.]


(pænəˈtəʊnɪ; Italian panetˈtoːne)
n, pl -nes or -ni (-ni)
(Cookery) a kind of Italian spiced brioche containing sultanas: traditionally eaten at Christmas in Italy
[Italian, from panetto small loaf, from pane bread, from Latin pānis]


(ˌpæn ɪˈtoʊ ni)

n., pl. -nes, -ni (-nē).
an Italian yeast bread with raisins, almonds, candied fruit, etc.
[1920–25; < Italian, derivative of panetto little loaf =pan(e) bread (< Latin pānis) + -etto diminutive suffix]
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TIME TO PREPARE: 20 minutes TIME TO COOK: 40-50 minutes SERVES: 6-8 INGREDIENTS 5 heaped tbsps marmalade, melted in the microwave 500g ready-made panettone, thinly sliced 4 large free-range eggs, whisked 250ml milk 250ml double cream 100g dark chocolate, finely chopped 1tsp mixed spice 2tsps vanilla bean extract 1tbsp demerara sugar for dusting Butter for greasing METHOD 1 Preheat the oven to 180C and grease a deep ovenproof dish.
This is a posh version of bread and butter pudding, rich with cream and vanilla - great for using up Christmas panettone
We have come up with almost every region's famous Christmas dish such as Panettone from Italy etc.
Here are two of our favourites, which not only look impressive, but can be made well ahead of time, then frozen until you need them JAMIE OLIVER'S WINTER BOMBE Delicious chocolate, cherries, Vin Santo, panettone and pistachios SERVES 12 20 minutes, plus freezing CALORIES: 648 kcal; Fat: 31.
SERVES 12 INGREDIENTS n 2 x 500g tubs quality vanilla ice cream n 1kg panettone n 125ml Vin Santo n 3 heaped tbsp quality raspberry jam n 100g tinned cherries, in juice n 75g glace clementines (or other glace fruit) n1 clementine n 50g shelled pistachios n 300g quality dark chocolate (70%) n 25g unsalted butter
Il Massimo is brimming with indulgent sweet treats including classic panettone, milk chocolate gianduja-filled stars, amaretti biscuits, decadent Florentine hot chocolate, a giant milk chocolate coin, apricot biscotti, and a bottle of Santa Sara prosecco.
Aprendi hacer el panettone porque cuando pase la primera Navidad con Alessandro y su mama en Italia, lo probe y me volvi loca.
Best sellers at Carluccio's - 89 Grey Street, Newcastle - include the award-winning Panettone tradizionale (PS16.
Other desserts on demand include gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies and Italian sweet breads called Pandoro and Panettone.
It will also be making panettone, an Italian dessert cake with candied fruits; stolen, a German bread full of candied fruits and lots of different nuts, and pompe a I'huile, an olive oil brioche from Provence.
And Sainsbury's has jazzed up traditional Panettone with prosecco and will introduce two new Wensleydale cheeses - one with double chocolate fudge and chocolate chips, and the other with Irish Cream and vanilla fudge.
Made with all-natural ingredients, the panettone - artfully presented in a vintage style tin - releases its unique flavour after being kept in room temperature for around half an hour.