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1. (Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a broad heavy knife of E Africa, used as a tool or weapon
2. (Nautical Terms) US a small fishing boat first developed in Japan and now used chiefly in US and Central American waters
[from a native E African word. The panga boat is so called because it resembles the knife in shape]


(ˈpɑŋ gə)

n., pl. -gas.
a large, broad-bladed African knife used as a weapon or cutting implement.
[1930–35; < Swahili]
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Noun1.panga - a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetationpanga - a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation
knife - a weapon with a handle and blade with a sharp point
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The equipment used in the butcheries including knives and pangas were found to be clean although chances of them being contaminated could not be ruled out given the several sanitation deficiencies found in the butcheries [1, 9, 14].
The victims were involved in conservation work, clearing alien vegetation and were carrying pangas (large but blunt blades for cutting branches), which were snatched from them in the incident but which were not used against them.
According to South, in Treasure Beach they often fish the Jamaican way--in pangas with outboards.
War veterans and cillagers armed with axes and pangas in front of Ardingly Farm House.
The equipment includes wheelbarrows, digging forks, hoes, axes, rakes, spades, pangas, manure bags, pesticides, garden gloves, mouth covers, safety goggles and an assortment of seeds.
Later we ride the inflatable Zodiacs the guides call pangas to the island to hike on lava fields where small lagoons create oases of green, with fish and birds.
We were told they were using pangas (machetes), sticks and firearms," said Fatyela, adding that no serious injuries occurred and no charges were filed.
We took pangas (machetes) and (other) dangerous weapons.
In violent retaliation against the local order, a group of Dinkas gathered themselves on Friday morning to with pangas, clubs and entered Yambio town, scaring the people in the market to demonstrate against the local order passed by the commissioner of Yambio County.
Type of fishing site (A = little to no infrastructure, B = moderate infrastructure, C = significant infrastructure), permanence (1 = permanent, 2 = seasonal), period of activity, and number of active pangas were recorded for each site.