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[New Latin Pangasius, genus name, from Bengali pāṅgās, basa, perhaps ultimately from Middle Indic paṅka-, mud, from Sanskrit paṅkaḥ; perhaps akin to Old English fenn, fen, and German feucht, damp.]
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Tenders are invited for Fish products, fresh, chilled or frozen (fillet pangasius fish, hake, nototeniya)
However, the domestic industry has been battered by a growing volume of imported catfish and related fish from Asia called pangasius, basa, swai, and tra.
The vehicle moving from Lithuania to Uzbekistan with 19 tons of frozen pangasius steaks produced in Vietnam was stopped on the border with Latvia.
Commerce's antidumping order covering species of Pangasius fish
Apart from the LoI, the MoU on extending a credit line to Vietnam for defence purchases and the agreement on operating and jointly promoting direct air services, other pacts inked were--agreement on cooperation and mutual assistance in customs matters, MoU on animal health, MoU on setting up of Pangasius breeding and farming in India and MoU on cooperation in youth affairs and skill development.
Pangasius is a freshwater catfish which is cultivated extensively throughout SE Asia, and exported globally.
Pangasius buchanani, caught in Bangkok, Thailand, in October of 1864 by F.
Farm Raised Catfish, Pangasius and Tilapia are lightly breaded to give customers a restaurant-quality, hand-breaded flavor without the prep work.
Cheaper farmed fish were substituted for wild fish: pangasius sold as grouper, sole, and cod, tilapia sold as red snapper and Atlantic farmed salmon sold as wild or king salmon.
The world's first Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)-certified pangasius fillets are being sold in some 2,000 Dutch supermarkets by Vinh Hoan Corp.
Pangasius is a term used for a special variety of imported freshwater fish that have become the tenth most popular seafood product eaten in the US.
IcePak is also going direct to source for a number of other products which are already part of the portfolio, providing similar guarantees for tuna, tilapia, pangasius, swordfish and cuttlefish.