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pan·han·dle 1

v. pan·han·dled, pan·han·dling, pan·han·dles Informal
To approach strangers and beg for money or food.
1. To approach and beg from (a stranger).
2. To obtain by approaching and begging from a stranger: panhandled money. See Synonyms at cadge.

[Back-formation from panhandler, beggar : perhaps pan + handler.]

pan′han′dler n.

pan·han·dle 2

1. The handle of a pan.
2. often Panhandle A narrow strip of territory projecting from a larger, broader area, as in Alaska, Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.
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Noun1.panhandler - a beggar who approaches strangers asking for moneypanhandler - a beggar who approaches strangers asking for money
beggar, mendicant - a pauper who lives by begging
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Informal. One who begs habitually or for a living:
Slang: bummer, moocher.
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[ˈpænhændləʳ] N (US) (= beggar) → pordiosero/a m/f
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[ˈpænhændlər] n (US) (= beggar) → mendiant(e) m/f
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[ˈpænˌhændləʳ] n (Am) (fam) → accattone/a
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Diners, heimgangers, shop-girls, confidence men, panhandlers, actors, highwaymen, millionaires and outlanders hurried, skipped, strolled, sneaked, swaggered and scurried by me; but I took no note of them.
The writer and director Jean Cocteau takes center stage during much of the oversized subplot, initiating a young and very shy narrator into a world of drugs (mostly opium), sex, and bizarre social experiments (including living as a panhandler), all of which is presumably designed to shatter the narrator's bourgeois inhibitions and guide him, however harshly and awkwardly, toward his emergence as a full-fledged writer.
1 death was blamed on an attack by a panhandler was actually killed by her husband and his adult daughter, police said Sunday.
1, 2018, were arrested Sunday in connection with her murder in Baltimore, Maryland. It was earlier believed that she was stabbed by a panhandler who also robbed her. 
'If a neighborhood cannot keep a panhandler from annoying passersby, the thief may reason, it is even less likely to call the police about a potential mugger or to interfere if the mugging actually takes place.'
Bishop Tobin urged Christians not to give money directly to the poor, insisting that such a practice enables a few dishonest "professional" panhandlers and "sustains a very unhealthy and degrading lifestyle." Bishop Tobin concluded, "Throwing some loose change at a panhandler while passing by is demeaning of his or her human dignity....
Perhaps the best explanation for this is known as the "Panhandler Effect." You may witness this when you see an unsuspecting passerby throw a coin into a tin cup of some vagrant asking for help "to buy breakfast." You may also witness this when the person ahead of you in the copier line allows someone to cut in front of them simply because they asked.
Sporting more the Mafia-style look, Vin looks in top "panhandler" condition.
Housewares vendors were saddened last month by the impending closing of New York's Broadway Panhandler, but said it is emblematic of the struggles independent retailers face today.
Jean-Marie Roughol, who spent 27 years begging on the streets of Paris, has seen sales of his memoir Je tape la manche: Une vie dans la rue (My Life As A Panhandler: A Life on the Streets) rise to 50,000 copies, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Friday.
Tourist Dan in "Manhattan Mendicant" encounters a downtown panhandler and resents him for being able to live in Nyc.
Cruz, relating a story he's told before, recalled having lunch with a Hispanic businessman in Texas who asked Cruz when he last saw a Hispanic panhandler.

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