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(păn′ĭk-strĭk′ən) also pan·ic-struck (-strŭk′)
Overcome by panic; terrified.




affected by panic


or pan′ic-struck`,

overcome with, characterized by, or resulting from fear or panic.
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Adj.1.panic-stricken - thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation; "became panicky as the snow deepened"; "felt panicked before each exam"; "trying to keep back the panic-stricken crowd"; "the terrified horse bolted"
afraid - filled with fear or apprehension; "afraid even to turn his head"; "suddenly looked afraid"; "afraid for his life"; "afraid of snakes"; "afraid to ask questions"


adjective frightened, alarmed, scared, terrified, startled, horrified, fearful, frenzied, hysterical, agitated, unnerved, petrified, aghast, panicky, scared stiff, in a cold sweat (informal), frightened to death, scared shitless (taboo slang), terror-stricken, shit-scared (taboo slang), horror-stricken, frightened out of your wits Thousands of panic-stricken refugees fled the city.


[ˈpænɪkˌstrɪkən] ADJ [person] → presa del pánico, aterrorizado; [behaviour] → causado or motivado por el pánico
to be panic-strickenser presa del pánico, estar aterrorizado


[ˈpænɪkˌstrɪkn] adj (person) → preso/a dal panico, in preda al panico; (look) → terrorizzato/a
References in classic literature ?
In the sudden thud, hiss, and glare of the igniting trees, the panic-stricken crowd seems to have swayed hesitatingly for some moments.
How short a time, and yet how long to ME--since I sank down in the darkness, here, on the floor--drenched to the skin, cramped in every limb, cold to the bones, a useless, helpless, panic-stricken creature.
Though she could not recall her own words or his, she realized instinctively that the momentary conversation had brought them fearfully closer; and she was panic-stricken and blissful at it.
Suddenly a low but distinct moaning sound issued from the recesses of the cave behind me, and, as it reached the ears of the Indians, they turned and fled in terror, panic-stricken.
Whether they were panic-stricken, or whether he was too close on their heels for them to attempt to scramble up the bluff to the crevices, I do not know; but at any rate they dashed into the wide-mouthed cave wherein Lop-Ear and I had played the afternoon before.
Everyone was too panic-stricken to think of a little girl no one was fond of.
He instantly put spurs to his steed, and scoured off followed by the panic-stricken herd, their fright being increased by the yells of the savages in their rear.
Then he came into the business part of the city, where the streets were sewers of inky blackness, with horses sleeping and plunging, and women and children flying across in panic-stricken droves.
They were panic-stricken, and it took all the brutal authority of the Arabs to keep the Manyuema from rushing helter-skelter into the jungle--anywhere to escape from this terrible village.
Miraculously and inexplicably, some 10 panic-stricken minutes later, it suddenly re-appears in the first pocket you checked.
Inspector Suzanne Edgar concluded there was no way the panic-stricken animal could climb the old tank's banks, so she called Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.
She concluded there was no way the panic-stricken animal could climb the old tank's four metre high banks, so called Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.