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 (păn′ə-răm′ə, -rä′mə)
1. An unbroken view of an entire surrounding area.
2. A comprehensive presentation; a survey: a panorama of American literature.
3. A picture or series of pictures representing a continuous scene, often exhibited a part at a time by being unrolled and passed before the spectator.
4. A mental vision of a series of events.

[Coined by British painter Robert Barker (1739-1806) to describe his cycloramic painting of Edinburgh, displayed in London in a specially built hall called the Panorama : pan- + Greek horāma, sight (from horān, to see; see wer- in Indo-European roots).]

pan′o·ram′ic (-răm′ĭk) adj.
pan′o·ram′i·cal·ly adv.


[ˌpænəˈræmɪklɪ] advpanoramicamente
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7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This Report panoramically expounds the current situation of China dairy industry in 2014, including the production of raw milk and dairy product, dairy consumption, dairy trade, price tendency of raw milk and dairy product, operational condition of China dairy industry, competitive situation of China dairy market, business performance and investment situation of key dairy enterprise, world dairy market trend, production, consumption and trade status of major countries of dairy production and trade, influence of work dairy market environment upon China diary industry, and the forecasting upon the development tendency of China diary industry in 2015.
While claiming always to be inspired by his native country and especially his locality in Co Kilkenny, Butler's writings range panoramically across war-torn Europe where, he claimed, local knowledge and identity can, in certain circumstances, act against the facelessness of evil, as Butler claimed was possible in Denmark and Bulgaria in relation to persecution of the Jews.
she gasps upon clocking the 20-yearsworth of possessions panoramically piled waist high.
The latest bombing spree and other forms of crisis, taking its cue from the Niger Delta incidents haves been panoramically reflected in each of the latest seventeen short stories by Sumaila Umaisha.
The main advantage is the fish-eye lens that allows the camera to see panoramically what is very important for monitoring and recording.
In some drawings, too, the view is panoramically wide, covering miles both horizontally and vertically, a dwarfing of human scale reinforced by the works' size.
The breathtaking views from these high-end urban apartments offer residents unobstructed views of the lush green mangroves naturally thriving on the edge of the Arabian Gulf waters, while an impressive Abu Dhabi skyline panoramically frames the background of this world-class development.