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A roofing tile with an S-shaped profile, laid so that the down curve of one tile overlaps the up curve of the one next to it.

[pan + tile.]

pan′tiled′ adj.


1. (Building) a roofing tile, with an S-shaped cross section, laid so that the downward curve of one tile overlaps the upward curve of the adjoining tile
2. (Building) a tapering roofing tile with a semicircular cross section, laid alternately so that the convex side of one tile overlaps the concave side of adjoining tiles
[C17: from pan1 + tile]



a roofing tile curved across its width in the shape of a flattened S, laid so that the convex curve of one tile overlaps the concave curve of the next tile.
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Noun1.pantile - a roofing tile with a S-shapepantile - a roofing tile with a S-shape; laid so that curves overlap
roofing tile, tile - a thin flat slab of fired clay used for roofing


nDachpfanne f
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Some coal was exported to Holland, the ships bringing back red pantile (pantile) roof slates as ballast, which explains today's 'Continental' feel of the community's houses.
In the Pantile Stud Grey Horse Handicap (2.45) Crew Cut could well have been laid out for another crack at a race in which he has finished 7142 in the last four years.
All the homes will be traditional in their design and built using high quality stone and heritage brick with a slate or pantile roof.
Improvements include a garden room, a bright orange pantile roof, dormer windows, extended garages, a newly landscaped driveway and an annexe flat for Prince George's nanny, Maria Borallo.
The house has a distinctive Mediterranean style to the architecture featuring rendered elevations with pitched and gabled pantile roofs.
The Villa Gella combines log fires and pantile roofs with sophisticated interiors, steam rooms and an ayurvedic philosophy, expressed in salt that comes from the Himalayas.
A similar emphasis on surface turns up in Paul Giuffrida's Pantile paintings.