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A roofing tile with an S-shaped profile, laid so that the down curve of one tile overlaps the up curve of the one next to it.

[pan + tile.]

pan′tiled′ adj.


1. (Building) a roofing tile, with an S-shaped cross section, laid so that the downward curve of one tile overlaps the upward curve of the adjoining tile
2. (Building) a tapering roofing tile with a semicircular cross section, laid alternately so that the convex side of one tile overlaps the concave side of adjoining tiles
[C17: from pan1 + tile]



a roofing tile curved across its width in the shape of a flattened S, laid so that the convex curve of one tile overlaps the concave curve of the next tile.
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Noun1.pantile - a roofing tile with a S-shapepantile - a roofing tile with a S-shape; laid so that curves overlap
roofing tile, tile - a thin flat slab of fired clay used for roofing


nDachpfanne f
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In the Borders and Northumberland, you will most likely see robust rendered and stone cottages; in North Yorkshire there will be many brick and pantiled houses and the nearer to Cumbria and the Lake District we get we begin to see houses finished using slate.
Built of red brick with pantiled roofs and with round-arched openings, it is circular and yet cruciform in plan (Fig.
Countless helicopter shots of pantiled French villages, dazzling fields of wheat or milk churns in the shape of a giant rear sprocket, give the micsmiths plenty to chunter about when in reality nothing much is happening.
Continuing uphill through a gap in the stone wall we pass a long low stone building with pantiled roof on our left.
It has colour-washed, rendered walls, cloistered walkways and pantiled roofs, marble and mosaic floors, big windows and an amazing sense of space.
TALLINN, Estonia's fairytale capital with round towers and red pantiled roofs, is a shining tourist star of the emerging Baltic states.