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1. An instrument for copying a plane figure to a desired scale, consisting of styluses for tracing and copying mounted on four jointed rods in the form of a parallelogram with extended sides.
2. A similarly jointed framework, such as a power-collecting trolley on an electric locomotive or an extensible telephone arm.

[Greek panto-, all; see pantomime + -graph.]

pan′to·graph′ic adj.
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In order to fix the lines, a pantographic system was defined with the aid of a wheel to follow the irregularities of the terrain and was no longer articulated as in Concept 6.
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Copy milling is based on pantographic principle that is used to duplicate keys at hardware shops.
In that size the matrices reveal the even machining of a modern pantographic engraver.
consider a 2D pantographic structure composed of two orthogonal families of Euler beams, present a set of results of numerical simulations of wave propagation, and demonstrate that in some cases soliton-like behaviour was detected.
"My pieces begin from a computer outline," says Stell, of his process, "a virtual space where I can develop a pantographic system and work in a series of units and segments before physical creation." Stell's hybrid works include a telescoping candelabra, aptly titled Telecandela, and Lattice tables made of Jenga-like wood blocks that are intricately intertwined to mimic weaving patterns His emphasis on structure is manifest in the Bookish chair--a seating system comprising more than 500 laminated pieces that fan out from a single spine to resemble an open book.
In his most recent solo show, "Pensamento pantografico" (Pantographic Thought), he presented seventeen works, most produced this year, inspired by the pantograph, an articulated gadget invented in the seventeenth century for copying forms at different scales.