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1. An instrument for copying a plane figure to a desired scale, consisting of styluses for tracing and copying mounted on four jointed rods in the form of a parallelogram with extended sides.
2. A similarly jointed framework, such as a power-collecting trolley on an electric locomotive or an extensible telephone arm.

[Greek panto-, all; see pantomime + -graph.]

pan′to·graph′ic adj.
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Tenders are invited for Dental unit compact complete with (details are as under)- electronically controlled pantographic dental chair with integrated led operating light, footrest, stainless steel instrument tray, micro motor, air rotor, ultrasonic scalar and dual control p
Planting was performed using the MF 407 (Massey Ferguson) pantographic seed driller composed of six lines equipped with straw cutting discs and 22" fertilizer applicator discs with a 0.
In that size the matrices reveal the even machining of a modern pantographic engraver.
consider a 2D pantographic structure composed of two orthogonal families of Euler beams, present a set of results of numerical simulations of wave propagation, and demonstrate that in some cases soliton-like behaviour was detected.
My pieces begin from a computer outline," says Stell, of his process, "a virtual space where I can develop a pantographic system and work in a series of units and segments before physical creation.
Instead of using form literally to show scalar variations or pantographic structures, it suggests the possible expansion and retraction of ideas, concepts, and language--the real core of Lescher's art.