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The Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce Women's Biz Net Council hosted a successful "Christmas in July" Food Pantry Drive that gathered food, household and personal care items to benefit the local food pantries.
Supervisor of Program Support Services for Schaumburg Township, Amy Fillmore, finds summer months are challenging for food pantries. "During the summer months families rely on the food pantry more because their children are out of school for the summer and they eat all meals at home rather than at school," Fillmore said.
We would like to extend our appreciation to everyone who donated to the local food pantries at the scrimmage game on the 17th.
"Having an on-campus food pantry is important to removing the stigma around food pantries," said ECC student and former PTK Food Pantry Officer Erin Humpfer.
As Wheaton puts its patriotism on display, one unit in the city's annual Fourth of July Parade will turn that spirit into action by collecting donations for local food pantries.
The food collected during this year's Stamp Out Hunger was given to local pantries including Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry, Green Harvest, Kendall County Community Food Pantry, Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry, and Hall Township Food Pantry.
The money will allow PRC to continue to provide for 28 percent of families in DuPage County who use its food pantries.
It is not known where the pantries, which are still in early planning stages, are being developed, but plans were considered to house it at the charity's Poynernook Road base.
Colleges and universities across the country have launched similar food pantries in the past few years to help combat the epidemic.
Your pictures could get your customers excited to customize and improve their own kitchen pantries.
The grants are being made to help the winning food pantries, such as the Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry in Huntingtown, Md., renovate their facilities and purchase essential equipment such as new refrigerators, ovens, stoves, storage units, and even refrigerated trucks to help them better serve families in need.
FOOD IN THE PANTRY: Walmart has launched the Food Pantry Holiday Makeover campaign and is calling on the public to help food pantries across the country win funds for facility makeovers by voting at