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also pants suit  (pănt′so͞ot′)
A woman's suit having pants and a matching jacket.

pant′suit′ed adj.


(ˈpæntˌsjuːt; -ˌsuːt)
(Clothing & Fashion) US and Canadian a woman's suit of a jacket or top and trousers. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): trouser suit



also pants′ suit`,

a woman's suit consisting of trousers and a matching jacket.
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Noun1.pantsuit - a pair of pants and a matching jacket worn by womenpantsuit - a pair of pants and a matching jacket worn by women
slack suit - casual dress consisting of slacks and matching jacket


[ˈpæntsuːt] N (US) → traje m de chaqueta y pantalón


[ˈpæntsuːt] n (US)tailleur-pantalon m


[ˈpæntˌsuːt] n (Am) → completo m pantalone inv
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Others said they were not allowed to have short hair or to wear pants suits.
Opt for earth tones, bright patterns and prints, fringe, suede, matchy-matchy sets, turtle necks, pants suits, patch-work folky pieces with plat-form heals.
Silhouettes ranged from shorts and pants suits, flowy maxis, highly tailored gowns and miniskirts.
Pants suits were still a new idea, and I was about to give an important poetry reading; maybe no one would notice the pants and jacket I wore; maybe they would just think I looked like a poet should.
Pants suits, once frowned upon as unprofessional for women, are now nearly universally accepted.
Dress code in all non-critical areas nurses wear white scrubs, a white uniform dress, white pants suits, or white pants with a white golf shirt.
Women, girls and children promenaded in clothing that ran the gamut from casual to formal: street-length dresses and business suits, two- and three-piece pants suits and ball gowns.
She had seen me escorting a patient up to a room and noted that my uniform violated the hospital's dress code; pants suits were not acceptable attire.