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also pants suit  (pănt′so͞ot′)
A woman's suit having pants and a matching jacket.

pant′suit′ed adj.


(ˈpæntˌsjuːt; -ˌsuːt)
(Clothing & Fashion) US and Canadian a woman's suit of a jacket or top and trousers. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): trouser suit



also pants′ suit`,

a woman's suit consisting of trousers and a matching jacket.
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Noun1.pantsuit - a pair of pants and a matching jacket worn by womenpantsuit - a pair of pants and a matching jacket worn by women
slack suit - casual dress consisting of slacks and matching jacket


[ˈpæntsuːt] N (US) → traje m de chaqueta y pantalón


[ˈpæntsuːt] n (US)tailleur-pantalon m


[ˈpæntˌsuːt] n (Am) → completo m pantalone inv
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Opt for earth tones, bright patterns and prints, fringe, suede, matchy-matchy sets, turtle necks, pants suits, patch-work folky pieces with plat-form heals.
Silhouettes ranged from shorts and pants suits, flowy maxis, highly tailored gowns and miniskirts.
Slightly more stylish, but only just, are Hillary Clinton's "pants suits", her election campaign uniform of jacket and trousers that even came in a migraine-inducing shade of tangerine.
Pants suits, once frowned upon as unprofessional for women, are now nearly universally accepted.
Dress code in all non-critical areas nurses wear white scrubs, a white uniform dress, white pants suits, or white pants with a white golf shirt.
For women, business attire already offers them a choice of pants suits, dresses, suits, and coordinated skirt-and-slack ensembles.
And there were silk crepe cocktail gowns, snappy jersey pants suits and long, beaded, slinky gowns.