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also pants suit  (pănt′so͞ot′)
A woman's suit having pants and a matching jacket.

pant′suit′ed adj.


(ˈpæntˌsjuːt; -ˌsuːt)
(Clothing & Fashion) US and Canadian a woman's suit of a jacket or top and trousers. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): trouser suit



also pants′ suit`,

a woman's suit consisting of trousers and a matching jacket.
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Noun1.pantsuit - a pair of pants and a matching jacket worn by womenpantsuit - a pair of pants and a matching jacket worn by women
slack suit - casual dress consisting of slacks and matching jacket


[ˈpæntsuːt] N (US) → traje m de chaqueta y pantalón


[ˈpæntsuːt] n (US)tailleur-pantalon m


[ˈpæntˌsuːt] n (Am) → completo m pantalone inv
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Melissa McCarthy, Jenifer Lewis, Awkwafina and Amy Poehler too sported a multitude of stylish pantsuits paired with matching capes, pastel shades and metallic materials.
Unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, however, Markle seems to have a more diverse style as she wears pantsuits and breaks royal protocol every now and then.
For Armani, these were in black and champagne combinations in luxe sportswear like pantsuits, crop tops with pajamas.
The result is pantsuits have a reputation for being something tall, lean Amazons can wear because they have their pick of pants.
He made pantsuits and sheer dresses but with his signature flair for styling and with the help of sought-after hair and makeup professionals including Liz Santos, Suzane Calero, Andrew Jardenil, Oliver Bumatay, Mark Fernandez, Matsumoto Inoue, and Reynaldo Recio.
Even structured separates such as pantsuits, an oversized boyfriend blazer and tops are straight-cut, radically comfortable and body-freeing.
Sales of the collar-less pantsuits she liked to wear during the presidential debates have skyrocketed and the classic 'Hillary headband' is the hair accessory of choice for her diehard supporters.
JULY 18: Colorado Senate candidate Darryl Glenn tells the Republican National Convention, "We know [Clinton] enjoys her pantsuits, but ...
Has anybody noticed that no one's talking about Hillary Clinton's pantsuits anymore?
Ms Mayer complained at how the media is obsessed with women's clothes, citing Hillary Clinton and her pantsuits. This is true, but the attire gender gap is closing - last week the FT ran an entire article on Boris Johnson's backpack.
Hillary Clinton's lesbian pantsuits, as identified by a Slate columnist
The design also moved the play forward by decades, featuring contemporary pantsuits, button-down shirts, and stark white furniture.